Your GED and Salary Increase -Calculator

When you get your GED diploma, you increase your earning potential. The question is, how much more will you earn.

Research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the salary increase is approximately 25% on average. To check how much your personal earnings will change, use our calculator.

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This is how the calculator works

Enter the total number of hours that you work per week and enter how much you make per hour.

The paycheck calculator will show you your earnings BEFORE and AFTER you’ve earned your GED. There is an overview of annual, monthly, and weekly earnings. The calculator will add 25 percent to your current income. This is the average amount that people will make after they have earned a GED diploma.

After the GED Salary Calculator

This simple calculator shows how important it is to invest time in your education!

Your GED diploma has the same value as a common high school diploma. Today, most jobs will require a high school diploma or equivalent. Virtually all employers, government organizations, and colleges and universities accept a GED like a common high school degree. Your GED allows you to enroll in a community college, a university, a 4-year college, or a private school.

How to get a GED diploma

In case you didn’t complete high school, no problem! Just make sure you’ll get your GED diploma, and if you are ready to devote time to study, you will pass the GED exam!

Fast & Easy Online GED Classes

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Online GED testing has now also become a reality. So you can prepare for the exam at home and when you’re ready, take the four GED sub-exams tests from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to sit for the full GED battery all at once. You can take these sub-exams one (or more) at a time.

For earning your GED, age isn’t playing any role. The GED test is available to anyone, regardless of their age. They can be 18 or 80+! Keep in mind that, in most states, 16 or 17-year-olds may also qualify for the GED exam if they meet additional requirements. Just start learning with an accredited online GED prep course and get your GED. You’ll be rewarded!

GED programs

There are many options for preparing for the GED test.  You can return to school or sign up for an online GED prep program such as Onsego.

The GED exam includes four separate, independent modules that cover Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.

GED testing takes place at a level that compares to that of high school seniors after four years of high school education. Remember that the GED test is a pretty rigorous exam and that decent preparation is required.

So if you want to increase your salary by at least 25%, choose one of the prep programs and get your GED diploma. You can be a High School Equivalency Diploma holder in just a few months.