Canadian GED has become CAEC

On May 3, 2024, Canada replaced the GED test with the Canadian-made CAEC (Canadian Adult Education Credential). Check here to learn all about the transition.

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The Canadian GED exam was not given in British Columbia. In British Columbia, adult learners 18 years old or older have the chance to graduate from high school if they complete academic courses in one of these programs:

  • B.C. Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood)
  • B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood)

But now, one standardized HSE (High School Equivalency) exam has been rolled out out across Canada: the CAEC (Canadian Adult Education Credential) exam.

Onsego’s award-winning CAEC course will help you pass the exam quickly, but Onsego does not offer the exam. There’s little BC information available, but you may want to check out this BC adult education page.

The CAEC exam includes five modules (independent subtests) covering the subject areas of Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Language Reading, and Language Writing.

The five tests are challenging, and decent preparation is required. A proven way to get optimally prepared fast is signing up for the Canadian online CAEC classes created by Onsego GED Prep.

Earlier GED results are valid until May 2027. The CAEC diploma is accepted by employers, colleges, universities, and government agencies across British Columbia, Canada, and North America, just like a regular high school degree.

At this time, we don’t know if BC’s other options remain in place, so let’s take a look at these programs:

Adult Dogwood – B.C.’s Adult Graduation Diploma

For many students, going back to school to complete their high school curriculum is a massive step. But holding your high school degree allows you to enroll in credit-bearing college courses so you can continue your academic education and the credential allows for better employment options as well.

Many schools across British Columbia offer ABE (Adult Basic Education) programs to help adult students in their efforts to obtain their B.C Adult Basic Education Diplomas. So adults who never graduated from high school have the opportunity to finish high school with British Columbia’s Adult Graduation Diploma, or Adult Dogwood.

Usually, High School Equivalency (also referred to as ABE) programs are taught in settings that allow for lots of individual attention to help you on the road to success. There are also quite a few students who are self-disciplined and prefer to learn on their own with study books or a good online preparatory course.

Adult Basic Education Certificate Program

In B.C., ABE (Adult Basic Education) programs are for adult learners looking to:

  • obtain a high school graduation certificate
  • complete academic courses prerequisite for further study in college or university
  • get ready for the employment market
  • brush up their skills and knowledge for employment or further studies
  • reach personal objectives
  • The Canadian GED test is not given in B.C.

ABE instructors know the challenges adult learners are faced with when they return to school. They will provide all the support they can so the students can make their learning experience successful.

Today, there are also some very good online GED prep courses that cover roughly the same subject matter that’s found in B.C.’s Adult Graduation Diploma Program. We advise the GED online prep course designed by Onsego. This comprehensive program is recognized by GED Testing Service® as being fully aligned to the latest GED test, a recognition that’s awarded to only twenty programs! Onsego has also created a version for the Canadian version.

British Columbia’s adult high school diploma program, also referred to as the British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma or “Adult Dogwood,” is B.C.’s GED program. It is only open to adults who have never completed high school and are 18 years old or older. B.C.’s Adult Dogwood credential is awarded upon completing five select courses, of which two may have been taken in the past.

Qualification requirements

To qualify for B.C.’s Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood) Program, candidates must:

  • Be Canadian citizens
  • Be Residents of British Columbia
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Not already have a high school or equivalent credential
  • Not be signed up for another program in B.C.’s public school system