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GED Requirements for Underage Students by State

GED and HiSET age requirements may vary slightly by state. In most states, the exams are open to students 18 years old and older. If you are an underage student (usually 16 and 17 years old) and want to take the GED or HiSET test, you must comply with additional requirements. This article shows you … Read more

Myths about the GED Test and Reading Comprehension

You probably heard that the GED test measures students’ reading comprehension skills, especially during the Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science tests. You might even hear that if you have strong reading skills, you don’t need to learn anything to pass these three subject GED tests. Is it true? Well, it’s more complex, and a … Read more

Levi’s Story from GED zero to GED hero

My name is Alice, and this is the story of how my brother Levi got his GED thanks to Onsego. I’m very grateful to the team of Onsego for creating a course that makes people feel confident again. Levi dropped out of high school because he was bored. He was sure that he would get … Read more

GED Online Test by State

In most states, you can take the GED test at home. This kind of testing is very convenient and saves time. However, there are states that don’t have this possibility. This article explains how you can take the GED test online regardless of the state you live in. Let’s make clear that the GED test … Read more

Steve Gory- How EdTech Changes Learning

Steve Gory is the CEO of Onsego and an EdTech expert. He is responsible for aligning Onsego online GED classes with technologies that accelerated learning. Steve explains what EdTech is and how it has changed students’ approaches to learning. Edtech, or “Education Technology,” refers to the combination of IT tools and educational practices to facilitate … Read more

How to get a GED diploma in 5 steps

Check our Stress-Free Guide to Getting your GED diploma. Abraham Lincoln said: That’s pretty much how getting a GED® diploma works. Preparation is key, and if you have the proper tools (such as Onsego), you will pass the GED test easily. Before I give you 5 steps to getting the GED diploma, let me clearly … Read more

Your GED and Salary Increase -Calculator

When you get your GED diploma, you increase your earning potential. The question is, how much more will you earn? Research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the salary increase is approximately 25% on average. To check how much your personal earnings will change, use our calculator. This is how the calculator works … Read more

How To Apply For College With A GED

Here are tips that will help you to apply to college if you have a GED diploma. Your GED diploma has the same value as a common high school diploma and qualifies you for a college education. If you don’t have your GED diploma yet, no worries; get started with Onsego GED online prep classes, … Read more

How To Join The Navy With A GED Diploma

Many people ask us if it is possible to join the Navy with a GED diploma. Well, you can, but it will be a lot more difficult to get into the Navy with a GED (General Education Development) diploma compared to joining the Navy with a high school degree. Getting enlisted in the U.S. military … Read more

Free College Tuition in Maine For HiSET Graduates

In Maine, a new initiative for HiSET graduates has been launched. If students earn(ed) a HiSET diploma or complete(d) their high school curricula in the years 2020, 2021, 2022, or 2023, they can enroll for free in one of the programs offered at Maine’s seven community colleges for two years. Simultaneously, Maine’s Education Department’s Office … Read more

What Does the GED Test Consist of

The GED test consists of 4 subject tests: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. To get a GED diploma, students must get a passing score of at least 145 points on each subject test. Students that reached the GED passing score on all four subtests demonstrated mastering skills and knowledge at a level that … Read more

GED Test In Canada- How It Works

The GED test is also available to Canadian students. In the US. the GED exam includes four sub-exams but in Canada, the GED exam is made up of five subtests. Upon successfully passing the 5 subtests in Canada, students get their Canadian High School Equivalency Diploma. This diploma has the same value as a common … Read more

GED Score Range – What These 4 Scores Mean

The GED Score range includes 4 score types: Below Passing, High School Equivalency, College Ready, and College Ready + Credits. Students get these scores after taking each of four separate and independent GED sub-exams that cover Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. The GED scoring system is pretty straightforward. Your score is calibrated on … Read more

Boost Your GED Score with Skills To Improve Report

GED Students can easily boost their GED Ready scores by utilizing Skills To Improve Reports. These reports are published on the website when students take the GED Ready® official practice test. The GED Ready practice test lets you know if you’re likely to pass the GED® test or if you need to spend more … Read more

10 Companies That Pay For College Tuition

When you complete our online GED classes and pass your GED diploma, you qualify for a college or university education or apply for a job that requires applicants to hold a secondary education degree. It used to be that you first went to college and then applied for a professional position. Today, however, more and … Read more

GED Test Online From Home

Nowadays, you can earn your GED diploma from home. The online GED test is provided by GED Testing Service, and you need to register for it at To prepare quickly for tests, you can use Onsego online GED classes.  The online GED test is convenient and efficient, but there are a few things you … Read more

What Is A GED and How To Get It

Often, the GED diploma is referred to simply as a “GED,” and a GED diploma is equivalent to a high school diploma. If you didn’t finish high school, you could take 4 GED tests, and when you pass, you will receive a GED diploma. This diploma has the same value as a high school diploma. … Read more

Onsego is a trusted publisher

Onsego Joins the GED List of Trusted Publishers

Getting recognized by GED Testing Service as a credible supplier of a GED prep course is a scrupulous process. Onsego is one of 20 trusted publishers that have designed curriculum materials and a GED Preparatory Course that are 100 percent in line with the current GED exam. The certification process is scrupulous, and all organizations … Read more

avoid fake diplomas

Onsego Fights GED Fraud

Onsego has joined the fight against GED fraud and cheating. GED Testing Service (, the official organization behind the GED test, has been effectively fighting against diploma mill websites for years. The website provides tips on how to spot websites that offer fake diplomas and what to do if you become a victim of … Read more

Get Your GED Fast Using Onsego and GED Ready Reports

Often, holding a high school or GED diploma is a requirement for employment, job promotion, or receiving a higher salary. Then, many people will be looking for a fast way to pass the GED test and receive a GED diploma. If you are faced with this kind of issue, keep reading. In this post, we … Read more

How To Get Free College Tuition From Amazon

Amazon announced that the company will offer free college tuition to its employees at more colleges and universities across the nation. Keep reading to find out how it works and how to benefit from this amazing opportunity. It is Amazon’s belief that all of the retail giant’s workers should have the chance to improve their … Read more

HiSET vs GED Tests and Prep

Both the GED and HiSET are High School Equivalency (HSE) exams used in America. Onsego online prep classes help you prepare for both of them fast. So let’s take a closer look at some of the differences and similarities. HiSET and GED Comparison HiSET ® Includes 5 Subtests Both computer-delivered and paper-based testing GED® Includes 4 … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get Your GED?

You can get your GED Diploma pretty fast if you have time to learn. Many students are ready to pass the GED test in 7-8 weeks if they follow well-designed GED prep with practice tests and progress checking such as Onsego online GED classes. GED® Prep doesn’t need to be complicated, and it definitely shouldn’t … Read more

How to Pass GED Math with the Onsego GED Calculator Course

Math is the most difficult of all 4 GED tests. Onsego created a course that teaches students how to pass the GED Math test with the help of a TI-30 XS calculator. This calculator is the only calculator allowed on the Math test. Steve Gory, the founder of Onsego and EdTech Strategist, explains why Onsego … Read more

How to Use Psychological Hardiness for Your Success

Psychological hardiness, also known as “stress hardiness,” is a concept developed by Dr. Suzanne Kobasa. This concept refers to the mindset that is resistant to the negative impacts of stressful circumstances. Is your job stressful? Are you taking online GED classes? Then these tips might help. The more stress-hardy executives had three distinguishing characteristics. I’ve … Read more

How to Drop Out of High School [Without Stress]

Sometimes, you might have no choice but to drop out of high school. This article explains how to do it without stress. Obviously, you should give it a lot of thought and be aware of the consequences. However, if dropping out of high school is your choice or you need to do so, here are … Read more

The History and Evolution of the GED Test [Infographic]

The GED test has gone through several versions as educational needs evolved with society. Throughout these changes, it has remained an essential avenue for anyone who did not finish high school. Equivalent to a high school diploma, the GED certificate opens many doors one may have thought were closed forever. This timeline indicates the dates … Read more

Why Covcel Is Now Onsego

Covcel is now Onsego – Why change the name? Covcel was a name that often was associated with COVID-19, and we received many messages with questions about the disease, vaccination, masks, etc. So we decided to change the name. Why Onsego? Well, Onsego is a short name that is easy to spell, and we believe … Read more

GED Test is Available Online

We got some good news for you. The GED test is available online, and students can take all 4 GED subtests at home. The online proctored GED test is a convenient way of earning your GED Diploma. To be eligible for online testing, you need to take the GED Ready® practice test and score ‘green’ … Read more