How to Use Psychological Hardiness for Your Success

Psychological hardiness, also known as “stress hardiness”, is a concept developed by Dr. Suzanne Kobasa.  This concept refers to the mindset that is resistant to the negative impacts of stressful circumstances. Is your job stressful, are you preparing for the GED test? Then these tips might help. The more stress-hardy executives had three distinguishing characteristics. I’ve … Read more

Why Covcel is Now Onsego

Covcel is now Onsego – Why change the name? Covcel was a name that often was associated with COVID-19, and we received many messages with questions about the disease, vaccination, masks, etc. So we decided to change the name. Why Onsego? Well, Onsego is a short name that is easy to spell, and we believe … Read more

How to Drop Out of High School [Without Stress]

Sometimes, you might have no choice but to drop out of high school. This article explains how to do it without stress. Obviously, you should give it a lot of thought and be aware of the consequences. However, if dropping out of high school is your choice, or you need to do so, here are … Read more

GED Test is Available Online and Other Good News

We got some good news for you. First of all, the GED test is available online, and to celebrate it, we added a few new features to the Onsego courses. Keep reading to find out what’s new. GED testing is available online Finally, students can now take the GED® test online. To be eligible for … Read more

The History and Evolution of the GED Test [Infographic ]

The GED® test has gone through several versions as educational needs evolved with society. Throughout these changes, it has remained an essential avenue for anyone who did not finish high school. Equivalent to a high school diploma, the GED certificate opens many doors one may have thought were closed forever. This timeline indicates the dates … Read more