Can I Take My CAEC Online in Canada?

Canadian GED Is Replaced by CAEC

Effective May 3, 2024, Canada has discontinued the General Education Development (GED®) high school equivalency program, replacing it with the new Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC).

Canadian Online CAEC Classes

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This new credential, available in both English and French, offers a high-quality, Canadian-made education qualification to replace the GED. However, it’s not available online. Students need to take it in a testing center.

The GED remains a recognized credential. If you have already passed all five GED test subjects, your credential continues to be valid. For those who have completed some, but not all, of the five GED test subjects, the CAEC will recognize these completed tests in lieu of corresponding CAEC test subjects until May 2027.

The CAEC targets adults without a high school diploma, providing them with a credential that can open new pathways to education, training, or employment opportunities.

Like the GED, candidates who successfully complete the CAEC will receive a High School Equivalency Certificate.

Onsego prepares students for passing the CAEC tests. Our online prep classes align with the CAEC test requirements and rules.

Similarly to the GED test, all Canadian provinces and territories recognize that students who passed the five CAEC® sub-exams have proven to command skills and knowledge at the same level as high school graduates.

Quick Facts about the CAEC Test

The CAEC exam is predominantly multiple-choice. Only the essay part is in writing. The five CAEC sub-exams assess a student’s knowledge in the academic areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts Writing, and Language Arts Reading.

CAEC testing is a challenge as the passing score is set at a level that compares to what high school students must know upon graduation. So getting well-prepared is key, and a good way to get all set fast is by following the Canadian online CAEC classes created by Onsego.

The CAEC exam focuses not so much on how well students remember specific facts and dates, but more on their ability to use provided information for evaluation and synthesizing purposes and for drawing conclusions.

Check the following list for more information about CAEC testing in your province or territory:

Yukon Territory
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador