GED Application-How It Works

The days of filling out a paper GED Application Form are over. Registering for the GED exam is done entirely online. The place to do so is

The GED exam contains four independent modules (subtests) that you can take and register and pay for separately.


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The four GED® modules are rather challenging tests, and proper preparation is absolutely required. The probably fastest way to get properly prepared is with Onsego’s accredited GED preparatory program.

Some students learn better if they take prep classes at a local prep site, but students with well-rounded self-discipline may also benefit from a good online GED prep program and get ready for the real thing faster.

One GED Subtest at a Time

The four modules are covering the subject areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. You can register and pay for one subtest at a time.

So you can prepare for one part, pass that subtest, and move ahead to the next part.

Fast & Easy Online GED Classes

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There are numerous locations where you have the chance to sit for the GED exam, and you can take the tests throughout the year.

So, there’s no need to wait for months to get a specific exam date. You can schedule one subtest, or more if you wish, whenever you feel you’re all set to do so.

The four GED modules are fully computer-based, and you will receive your test results on the same day. Your transcripts will be available online within just a few days of testing.

Create Your GED Account

To register for (one of the) GED subtests, you must create your account on the website You’ll have to submit personal details and indicate your prior educational experience. You can log in to your account at the portal MyGED. Read here -> our step-by-step GED registration manual.

It is advisable to first take the official GED Ready® Practice Test. This is the only practice test that indicates whether you’re likely to pass the real GED test or whether you need to get better prepared and in what subject fields.

When registering for the GED exam or one or more GED modules, you are asked to submit some more information about yourself, your personal employment status, and your financial circumstances.

You Choose Where and When

You’ll also be asked for the reasons why you want to sit for the GED exam, how you learned about the GED exam, and more personal data that will help GED Testing Service in the registration process.

Once you’ve done all of that, you can choose where and when you want to take the GED test and what modules (subtests) you want to register for. You only need to pay for the sections you want to take. Keep in mind that now, there is also an online GED test-taking option.

When taking the GED exam in an online (OP) format, however, some slightly different rules apply. You’ll have only two attempts instead of three before you’ll have to wait for 60 days.

When you’ve chosen the location to take your subtest(s), you can select a date and time that’s convenient for you and works for your busy schedule. Just make sure you have your credit card at hand and hand vouchers are accepted as well.

Take More Subtests? Schedule a Lunch Break!

In case you schedule several GED subtests on the same day, it is wise to schedule a break in between the tests. It is not that you’ll be given a break for lunch or to get all set for the next module automatically. For information about the GED scoring system, check out this page.

You’ll only have a 10-minute break in between the subtests. So, when you want to schedule a (lunch) break, you need to schedule the subject tests separately and plan some more time between the subtests.

Be sure you know where your GED testing center is located and get there at least half an hour prior to your appointment.

Once you get to the testing center, you’ll have to check-in. If you get there after the time of your scheduled appointment, chances are you won’t be admitted and will lose your testing fees.

How to Cancel/Change Your Appointments?

If you want to cancel or change your test appointment, please do so at least 24 hours prior to your test appointment time. If you don’t, you surely will lose what you paid.

So please be aware that if you cancel or change your test appointment less than 24 hours before your appointment or when you don’t show up, you will lose your fees and not be eligible for any refund.

During each of the four subtests, you are not allowed to drink, eat, or use your phone. In the testing center, cell phones are absolutely forbidden, and if during the test they find you with a cell phone, you’ll have to leave the room, and there’ll be no score.

As said before, when you’ve scheduled more than one subtest on the same day, you’ll automatically have a 10-minute break in between your tests. There’s no room for unscheduled breaks, and if you’ll leave the testing room during the test, your test results are void and will not be scored.

When you have some questions about the GED subtest, if you need to leave the testing room, or if you have some computer problem, you should always notify the administrator. You can access your phone and other personal items again during scheduled lunches and breaks.