CAEC Ontario and Practice Test

Canada has replaced GED with CAEC

For information about Canada’s transition from the GED test to the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC), visit our CAEC in Canada page.

Canadian Online CAEC Classes

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If you want to take the Ontario CAEC exam, you can attend a physical CAEC preparatory class at a brick-and-mortar facility to get all set, or you can learn to get optimally prepared with online classes and practice tests.

Online learning offers you the freedom to learn where and when you want, and our Ontario practice tests resemble what you’ll find on the real CAEC test.

One of the best and most affordable options when it comes to Canadian online CAEC classes is the course created by Onsego, an accredited course that will get you there fast.

Onsego offers an accredited prep course for the CAEC exam but not the actual test. For information about CAEC testing, visit Ontario’s Ministry of Education CAEC website.

The prep program developed by Onsego is recognized by GED Testing Service® as entirely aligned with the current GED exam, and Onsego has also developed a program, especially for the Canadian CAEC exam.

Onsego’s CAEC practice test questions are also fully aligned with the most recent version of the exams. So, if you want to study for the Ontario CAEC test, be sure you’re using materials that are updated to the latest standards!

Students who have passed the CAEC exam will be awarded the Ontario High School Equivalency diploma. This document shows that they have knowledge and skills at a level comparable to those of a high school senior upon graduation.

CAEC eligibility requirements in Ontario

  • The minimum age requirement is 19 years of age. Students 18 years old may also qualify if they meet additional, strict requirements. Please contact a CAEC testing center in your area for more information.
  • In Ontario, CAEC applicants must be Canadian citizens who have been residents of Ontario for a period of at least 6 months.
  • CAEC test-takers cannot be signed up for a high school program or have already earned a secondary education degree.
  • In Ontario, the complete CAEC battery costs $100, or $20 per subject test. This fee applied to the GED exam, and we assume it also counts for the new CAEC exam.

So, you can earn your high school equivalency diploma by taking and passing the five Canadian CAEC subtests. Practically all employers, government agencies, and institutions of post-secondary education accept the CAEC diploma in place of a conventional high school degree.

Online lessons and practice tests

So, there are some great online CAEC prep courses, sometimes even at no cost whatsoever. Usually, online courses come with many online CAEC practice tests as well. Practice tests allow you to identify your weaker and stronger areas so you can focus on those CAEC topics that require your attention the most.

An increasing number of online CAEC prep programs can also be accessed from mobile devices such as a smartphone or other mobile devices. If you prepare for the CAEC exam with an online course, you have the option to study from where you want, at the time you want, and at a pace that fits you well.

Studying online for the Canadian CAEC diploma can be a perfect solution for students living in rural and remote areas. It also saves time and money, as there’s no need to commute long distances to attend a class. Additionally, an online CAEC course allows you to watch video lessons and take practice tests over and over again. You can also read the transcripts as often as you like to study the material.

The CAEC exam offers individuals who couldn’t complete high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent diploma. The credential allows graduates the chance to apply to college and will definitely lead to better employment, also at the entry level.

Ontario’s Academic & Career Entrance Program

For adults wishing to brush up their knowledge and skills to enroll in college or have a brighter future, the community colleges in Ontario have designed the Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) program.

Adult learners can benefit from this HSE (high school equivalency) program that’s delivered both in class and online. The online format is delivered through ACE Distance Learning.

The Ontario Academic & Career Entrance provides academic courses in Language Arts, Mathematics, Communications, Science, Computer Skills, and Personal Management. In Ontario, the ACE Certificate is recognized and accepted in the same way as a standard Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) by Ontario community colleges, employers, and government agencies.

The question is whether this option will remain now the CAEC is rolled out across the country. We’ll keep you informed.