How to get a GED diploma in 5 steps

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Abraham Lincoln said,

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

That’s pretty much how getting a GED® diploma works. Preparation is key, and if you have the proper tools (such as Onsego), you will pass the GED test easily.

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It doesn’t matter when you left school.


Here are five steps that work all the time.

Step 1

Get a GED Prep Plan

Get a GED prep. Obviously, we recommend Onsego prep. The My Advantage Plan is the most comprehensive; it includes 4 GED prep subjects, GED Ready® vouchers, and other bonuses that help you prepare fast. It saves you money, too.

But if you need to pass just one GED subject, then choose one of our Essentials Plans or just practice tests.

Step 2

Keep Learning

Keep on learning regularly and get ready for the GED test. It’s not difficult to pass the GED test if you follow our lessons. All you need to do is to log in to your Onsego account to watch videos and take practice tests.

Step 3

Take the GED Ready test

The GED Ready test is the official practice test. The score predicts if you can pass the actual GED test. You also get a “Skills to Improve” report, and you can connect this report with Onsego, so you exactly know what lessons you need to retake to boost your score. Onsego’s My Advantage plan includes 4 GED Ready vouchers.

Step 4

Schedule your test on

When you are satisfied with your GED Ready score, sign up for the GED test. You schedule the test on the website. There are 2 versions available: the online proctored test and the in-person test that you take in a GED testing center.

Usually, students take one GED subject at a time. The results are available on the same day. Repeat this process for the next GED subjects. You pass the GED test when you get at least 145 points on each of the 4 subject tests.

Step 5

Get your GED Diploma

GED Testing Service ( informs your state about the results, and your state issues the GED diploma.
his diploma is recognized nationwide as the equivalent of a high school diploma. So, you can apply for a better job or sign up for college.