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Onsego offers credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments.

But sometimes, these payments don’t go through. We cannot influence the payment acceptance process, but we recognize it as frustrating if your payment is declined.

Therefore, Onsego offers these alternative forms of paying for our GED prep courses:

  • Onsego Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card

Onsego Gift Card

When you purchase the Onsego Gift Card, you receive a numeric code that you paste on the Onsego checkout page.

You will be automatically granted access to the Onsego courses.

Purchase the Onsego Gift Card here.

Amazon Gift Card

You can use your account to purchase an eGift card and send it to

The value of this gift card should be the same as the price of the Onsego course of your choice. will send you a confirmation of this transaction. Please forward it to us, and we will grant you access to the Onsego courses.

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