How much is the GED exam?

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The price of high school equivalency testing varies from state to state, but in most states, the GED® fee is around $120, and in many states, the HiSET® exam is usually slightly cheaper. In some states, the price is higher. In California, for example, students need to pay $35 per each of the 4 GED modules for a total of $140, but the state also implemented the HiSET. Florida charges $128 for the GED, but there are also states that offer the High School Equivalency exam at no charge at all.

New York State replaced the GED with the cheaper TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) in 2014 but now returned to the GED as the TASC exam was discontinued. The state continues to offer the exam at no charge, as do three more states.

4 states offer GED or HiSET testing for free: New York, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Maine.

  • New York and Connecticut use the GED (General Education Development) exam
  • Maine and West Virginia are using the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test)
  • In Connecticut, there is a small registration fee

2 states and the District of Columbia partially subsidize the GED exam:

  • Arkansas: the GED exam fee is $16 ($4 per module/subtest)
  • Maryland: the GED exam costs $45 for all 4 subjects ($11,25 per module)
  • District of Columbia: the entire GED exam costs $15 ($3.75 per module)

We can also see that an increasing number of states offer the GED or HiSET exam for free or at reduced rates to first-time testers.

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