How to redeem your GED Ready vouchers

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When you order the GED Ready vouchers, you receive code vouchers from us. Here are instructions for redeeming these codes.

First, students need to log in to their accounts and click on the “Study” button. Then they choose “Practice” and click “Buy Subject”. They will be redirected to the product page and here is the important part. They need to click on “Have a voucher code? Redeem now.” By doing that, they indicate that the purchase of the GED  Ready includes a voucher code.

How to use GED Ready vouchers

This part is really important! Some students miss this link and try to paste the voucher code later in the field called “Coupon code” and get an error that says:

“Sorry, ‘GOU123645689’ does not appear to be a valid coupon code.”

And we often see students get frustrated about it. But it is simply the wrong place for the code. A voucher code is NOT the same as a coupon code. It’s important to click on the beginning on the correct link and then follow the directions on the screen until getting to the payment page (see the image below).

Here you can paste the Voucher code in the field: voucher/promotion code and click Apply. That’s it.


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