How to sign up for the GED exam?

To sign up for the GED exam, you need to make an account on the website. This is the official website for registration if you want to take the GED tests. Here you can schedule and pay for your tests, check your scores, and if needed, reschedule a GED test. Everything is neatly organized, … Read more

How to Save Your Progress

Your progress is saved automatically. You don’t need to do anything. Every time you watch a video and take a quiz or practice test, your progress is registered. You can check and print your progress report from your Home page. To do so scroll down to the tab “My Progress Report”.

Where to begin with GED Prep

You should choose the subject that’s easiest for you. In general, the goal is to go through a series of small successes to develop confidence in your capabilities. We call this the principle of “small steps.” Ask yourself: what topics are easier for me: Math, Language, Science, or Social Studies? Most people choose the Language … Read more