What is the GED Ready test?

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GED Ready™ is the official practice test developed by GED Testing Service. This test will assess if a test-taker will be successful or not on the real GED test. You can purchase it through ged.com.

The GED Ready™ test was designed by the same organization that developed the real GED® test but it is only about half as long as the actual GED test itself.

This is the only practice test developed to let you know instantly whether you are will likely pass the real thing or not. The tests are available in English and Spanish.

If the result is that you are not ready for GED testing, the GED Ready™ test will give you clear instructions as well about what you should focus on next.

The questions on the practice tests are exactly the same as on the real GED test, so it also instructs you about how to get all set on the testing day. The GED Ready™ tests come at a price of $6.99 per individual GED subject test.

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