Multi-user Accounts

Multi-user accounts allow you to assign a Group Leader to manage any number of students. Group Leaders can add and remove students from the group; they can also track the progress and performance of the whole group or individual students.

This section explains everything that you can do with Onsego multi-user accounts.

Scenarios- who can use Multi-user accounts

  1. Parents who want to see the learning progress of their child or children
  2. Teachers who invite students and then track their progress
  3. Organizations that offer free GED Prep to their members

How it works

First, decide how many students will join your group and choose one of our plans. Upon successful payment, our system creates a Group leader dashboard.

This dashboard allows you to invite students and then track their progress. When a group leader invites students, they join for free and are automatically enrolled in the Onsego courses.

As soon as students start learning, you can see their progress from your dashboard by checking one of the 4 types of reports.

  • A group report: Overview of the whole group activities.
  • Course progress shows a percentage of completion of each subject course related to each student
  • A student report, this report is helpful if your group has many members, and you would like to see more details about just a particular student.
  • A quiz report gives you the ability to see a student’s results on any quiz they have taken.

A group Leader also has access to all Onsego courses.

Why does it matter?

Preventing Quitting

The biggest obstacle to getting the GED Diploma is quitting the course and stopping learning regularly. Nothing else. If students follow the lessons included in the course, they will pass all four tests. But sometimes, they need your encouragement and emotional support.

Group Leaders can see students’ overall performance and get in touch with them if they notice a lack of progress and motivate them to continue learning.

How To Get Started

Proceed to the checkout page. Here use your own name and your email address. Upon successful payment, you will be redirected to your account. The first page explains how to send an invitation to the students. Then, the Onsego system generates an attractive notification email and sends it.

Your student can immediately join Onsego and start learning. As soon as your student joins Onsego, you will be able to see her/his activity and track progress.

Pricing Structure

The price of a multi-user account is calculated in the following way:

$20 (one-time payment) for a Group Leader dashboard+ price of the My Advantage plan for each student.

Most popular plan

For other configuration such as:

  • 2 students + 1 leader -$178
  • 3 students +1 leader- $257
  • 4 students + 1 leader-$336
  • 5 students + 1 leader $415

Get in touch with us to receive a payment link.

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