Myths about the GED Test and Reading Comprehension

You probably heard that the GED test measures students’ reading comprehension skills, especially during the Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science tests.

You might even hear that if you have strong reading skills, you don’t need to learn anything to pass these three subject GED tests.

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Is it true? Well, it’s more complex, and a yes or no answer doesn’t apply.

Let’s untangle this concept, so you understand how to improve your GED test scores.

What is Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is a reader’s ability to understand a text’s direct and indirect meaning.

The common notion is that reading more will improve your reading comprehension skills.

While the above claim might be valid in some cases, scientific research shows that just “reading” is not enough because a lack of background knowledge is the most significant barrier to reading comprehension.

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For example, students with high reading ability but low knowledge of baseball have trouble understanding a text about baseball.

Similarly, if students have low knowledge of government and civics, they might have trouble answering questions related to these topics on their GED test.

What does it mean for you?

It means that you should acquire appropriate background knowledge in every GED subject.

Therefore, the first few modules in every Onsego course include fundamental information that helps you boost your GED score.

Our lessons are short and without any fluff, so you can quickly get familiar with the presented topics.

If you watch videos and take short quizzes, you will improve your reading comprehension skills significantly.

Don’t skip Language, Social Studies, or Science lessons because someone says these tests require “only” reading comprehension skills. That’s a recipe for failure.

You might get lucky, or you might not. Failure can lead to a decrease in confidence in yourself, and that’s the main reason why people quit going through all 4 GED tests and not getting a diploma.

With sufficient prior knowledge, every student can improve their reading comprehension skills and pass the GED test, and so can you.