New Brunswick GED Test

Canada Transitions from GED to CAEC

On May 3, 2024, the GED test will stop. It will be replaced with the Canadian-made CAEC (Canadian Adult Education Credential). Your earlier GED results will keep their validity until May 2027. You can read more here.

Online GED Classes from Onsego

Canadian Online GED/CAED Classes – Fast and Easy

The Canadian GED® Test will be replaced with the CAED exam on May 3, 2024. Onsego online classes prepare students for both tests.

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In New Brunswick, the 5-test GED battery is offered at no cost. Additional copies of your GED test results cost 5 dollars each, and a replacement diploma will set you back 10 dollars.

In New Brunswick, GED® testing is available to students 19 years old or older. Canadian citizenship and New Brunswick residency are required.

Getting optimally prepared is the key to success on the challenging GED exam. The Canadian online GED classes designed by Onsego GED prep are a proven way to get optimally prepared efficiently.

New Brunswick may allow students 18 years of age to write the GED exam, but additional documentation is required that must be sent to New Brunswick’s GED Testing Office (more information is available at 1-877-453-3030).

In New Brunswick, GED candidates don’t have to first attend a physical prep course in a classroom or attain passing scores on the official GED practice test.

The New Brunswick GED exam is available in paper-based and computer-based formats. Students have the option to switch between these formats and combine the results. If, for instance, a student has passed some GED subtests pre-pandemic on paper and now wants to complete the remaining sections on a computer, that’s fine.

What is the GED test?

The GED (General Education Development) exam is Canada’s high school equivalency testing program that gives adults who never could complete their high school curricula the opportunity to earn an equivalent diploma.

There are five GED sub-exams (independent modules) that assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills at a level similar to the things high school seniors are supposed to know upon graduation.

The five sub-exams cover the academic subject areas of Language Arts Reading, Science, Language Arts Writing, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

GED passing score

The GED passing standards are set quite rigorously. They are set at such a level that 40 percent of high school graduates could not attain passing scores on the first try.

The questions found on the GED exam range from quite easy to very difficult, and they cover lots of subject fields. Overall, the GED exam takes a little over 7 hours to complete.

On each of the five GED sub-exams, the minimum required score is 450 out of 800. So, your combined total score can never be less than 2250, and averaging is not possible. In general, the GED exam is written on Friday evenings to be continued on Saturdays.

GED qualification requirements

Students who want to sit for the GED exam in New Brunswick must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be at least nineteen years of age
  • They cannot already hold a high school or equivalent credential
  • They cannot be enrolled in the New Brunswick public school system
  • They must be Canadian citizens
  • They must be New Brunswick residents

Preparation is key

As said before, the GED exam is quite challenging. Your academic proficiency is measured at a level that compares to that of high school students upon graduation. So you’ll understand that getting perfectly prepared is key!

For students who are fine with online learning programs, we recommend the online GED prep course from Onsego. The publisher of the GED exam, GED Testing Service, has identified this affordable, comprehensive GED preparatory course as 100% in line with the latest edition of the GED test, a recognition that’s granted to only 20 GED preparatory programs.

The GED prep course designed by Onsego comes with hundreds of short, entertaining video lessons that address every topic found on the five GED sub-exams. Onsego’s bite-sized lessons guarantee that you’ll learn fast and retain the subject matter more easily.

Take practice tests

Onsego’s GED prep course includes numerous practice tests as well. Taking practice tests lets you discover what your stronger and weaker points are, meaning you can spend your precious time on the subject matter that requires your attention most and not waste your time on things you have already mastered.

Taking timed practice tests also lets you get accustomed to the GED testing format. The five GED sub-exams are timed tests, and many students who failed the exam said they would have passed if they only had more time. By taking timed practice tests, you’ll develop your time-management skills which will lead to better results.

So, to be successful on the GED exam, you’ll have to become perfectly prepared and learn how to deal with timed tests. There are students who benefit from learning at a GED prep facility under the guidance of an instructor. Others, however, prefer to learn independently with study books or with a top-notch, accredited online GED course, like the Onsego GED prep program.

GED testing locations

New Brunswick GED testing locations:

  • Central Valley Adult Learning Association, 300 St. Mary’s St, 2nd Fl, Fredericton, Training Rm, Phone: 506-446-4052
  • Central Valley Adult Learning Association, 137 MacDonald Ave, Oromocto, NB E2V 1A6, Phone: 506-446-4052
  • NBCC Woodstock, 10 Broadway St, Rm 3112, Woodstock, NB E7M 5C5, Phone: 506-446-4052
  • St. John Kings GED Testing Centre, 400 Main St, Ste 1010, Saint John, NB E2K 4N5, Phone: 506-343-0366
  • South East Adult Education (Open Doors), 96 Norwood Ave, Rm 312B, Moncton, NB E1C 6L9, Phone: 506-857-9912
  • Western Valley Adult Learning Association, 571 Route 190, Carlingford, NB, E7H 4J7, Phone: 506-273-6177 or Toll-Free: 1-844-349-8252Please advise us if we have to add a location.

Students who want to take the GED exam in New Brunswick in English can contact:

GED Chief Examiner
Employment & Continuous Learning Services, Postsecondary Education, Training & Labour
470 York Street, Suite 120 (P.O. Box 6000)
Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5H1
Phone: (506) 444-2525, (506)453-8251, or toll-free 1-877-453-3030