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Your Onsego Advantage Plan includes vouchers for the GED Ready test available at the official GED website GED.com.

The GED Ready practice test lets you know if you’re likely to pass the GED test or if you need to spend more time on preparation.

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Skills to improve reports

As you probably know, there’s a GED ready test for each of the four separate GED sub-exams, so four in total.

The GED Ready tests cost $6.99 each so the vouchers you get under the Onsego Advantage Plan represent a $28 value. You get them for free!

When you have taken the GED Ready test on the GED.com website, you can generate a report that shows your score and a list of skills to improve.

You can connect this report with the Onsego prep course and learn how to boost your score quickly. So, let’s get started and check how to do it.

My Scores report

First, log in to your ged.com account and click on the “My Scores” menu item. Scroll down to the “Most Recent GED Ready Practice Test Scores” section and click on the “Score Report” button.

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You will be redirected to a page that shows your score. You see the heading under the first section: Link Your Study Material.

Click on the link under this heading and choose Onsego from the presented list.

That’s it. Now, your skill report is customized and shows Onsego lessons that you should take to boost your score.

You can find these suggested lessons in your Onsego account. You can also create a PDF to use later. Check here for more information about the GED scoring system.

Let’s create a PDF

Under this checklist, you will find a button: Print to take to Adult Education Center. Click on it.

Instead of printing, find this option: save as PDF. Scroll down to the button: save. Now the report I saved on your computer. You can open it any time to find the Onsego lessons.

Let’s do it

I generated the Social Studies report, and my first item on the list says:

Study Module: Reading and Analyzing Data, Lesson: Other Visual Presentations.

So, I go to my account, click on the Social Studies menu item and look for the module: “Reading and Analyzing Data.”

Then within this module, I click on the lesson: “Other Visual Presentations.” Then, I watch the video lesson and take the quiz. Because I get a 100% score on the quiz, I go to the list’s next lesson.

I keep going until I finish all lessons included in the report. When I complete all lessons generated by the GED.com report, I take Onsego practice tests.
There are 11 practice tests, and if I get more than 70% correct answers on most of them, I go ahead and schedule the GED Ready official practice test once again.

Elimination techniques

If I didn’t get 70% right on the Onsego tests, I’d check the module: Elimination Techniques. These alternative techniques teach to get rid of wrong answers using observation skills.

Then, when I complete this module, I  retake the GED Ready practice test.
This time my score improved by 10 points.

Go ahead and try following these steps.
If you have any questions, or if something is not clear, get in touch with us, and we will figure it out together.