Saskatchewan GED Test

In Saskatchewan, the full GED exam (5 sub-exams) will cost you $35.00, which is $7.00 per individual sub-exam.

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The Saskatchewan minimum age to qualify for GED® testing is 18 but applicants 17 years old may also sit for the exam if they are officially withdrawn from their high school, have completed an age waiver, and meet more requirements.

Please check with your regional GED test center or GED administrator if you are underage and want to write the GED test.

Please bear in mind that the GED test is a challenging assessment and that you really should get well-prepared, for example, by taking part in Canadian online GED classes like the course developed by Onsego.

Residency requirement

In Saskatchewan, residency is required. Before you are allowed to take the exam at a testing center, you must be able to prove your residency with a current and valid photo ID that includes your Saskatchewan address.

If the testing center closest to you is in a different territory or province, you may be able to take the test there, but regulations vary. Some provinces and territories allow residents from other provinces to write the GED exam there, while others don’t. So please check with the test center first.

Canadian Online GED Classes

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Saskatchewan does not require GED applicants to first sign up for a GED class or get instruction at a local GED prep facility before they can sit for the exam, and Saskatchewan also doesn’t test-takers to first reach sufficient results on the official GED practice test before they qualify for the exam. Check here to learn more about GED testing in Canada.

Computer and paper tests

Saskatchewan GED testing centers offer the exam in both paper and computer-based versions. You may also switch between the paper and computer-based formats and combine them.

For example, if you took some GED sections before the pandemic on paper and now want to complete the remaining parts on a computer, your marks can be combined.

Take GED practice tests – that’s the best way

If you want to get all set for the 5 sub-exams of the Canadian GED test, the best way to go is to take multiple practice tests. You will learn all about your stronger and weaker points so that you can center on those subject fields that require most of your study ti,e.

Additionally, you’ll get used to taking tests under time pressure, which is important if you want to be successful on the five timed GED sub-exams. You’ll also have the chance to create and develop your best test-taking strategies. All these skills will not only help you attain better scores on the GED exam, but they will also prove very beneficial when you later want to attend college, enter the workforce, or boost your career.

When you take a GED practice test and have missed a number of correct answers, check out Onsego’s online GED prep classes and practice tests once more to improve your skills and knowledge, and boost your score.

Similar to the tests you had in high school, the five GED sub-exams are timed tests, so you’ll have to develop your pacing skills. The most efficient way to boost your academic readiness and deal with time pressure is to take multiple timed GED practice tests modeled in the same way as the real GED test. And that’s exactly what Onsego’s timed practice tests do!

GED testing centers in Saskatchewan:

Great Plains College, 701 Dominion Street, Biggar, SK S0K 0M0, Phone: (306) 882-4237
Buffalo Narrows
Northlands College (Western Region), Cummings Drive, Buffalo Narrows, SK S0M 0J0, Phone: (306) 235-1765
Northlands College (Eastern Region), 120 King Crescent, Creighton, SK S0P 0A0, Phone: (306) 688-8838
Southeast College, 532 Bourquin Road, Estevan, SK S4A 1C8, Phone: (306) 634-4795
Carlton Trail College, 611 17 Street, Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0, Phone: (306) 682-2623
Great Plains College, 514 Main Street, Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0, Phone: (306) 882-4237
Maple Creek
Great Plains College, 20 Pacific Avenue, Maple Creek, SK S0N 1N0, Phone: (306) 778-5486
Moose Jaw
Saskatchewan Polytechnic,
600 Saskatchewan Street W, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 4R4, Phone: (306) 691-8302
La Ronge
Northlands College (Central Region), 207 Boardman Street, La Ronge, SK S0J 1L0, Phone: (306) 425-4353
Meadow Lake
North West College (Mobile Unit), 720 5 Street W, Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1T9, Phone: (306) 234-5100
Cumberland College, 400 Burns Avenue E, Melfort, SK S0E 1A0, Phone: (306) 752-2786
Cumberland College, 503 2 Street E, Nipawin, SK S0E 1E0, Phone: (306) 862-9833
North Battleford
North West College, 10702 Diefenbaker Drive, North Battleford, SK S9A 4A8, Phone: (306) 937-5100
Prince Albert
Saskatchewan Polytechnic, 1500 10 Avenue E, Prince Albert, SK S6V 7S3, Phone: (306) 765-1543
Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (LDAS), 1106 Central Avenue, Prince Albert, SK S6V 4V6, Phone: (306) 922-1071
Saskatchewan Polytechnic, 4500 Wascana Pkwy, Regina, SK S4P 3A3, Phone: (306) 775-7522
Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (LDAS), 438 Victoria Avenue E, Regina, SK S4N 0N7, Phone: (306) 790-8452
Gabriel Dumont Institute, 917 22 Street W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0R9, Phone: (306) 683-3634
Saskatchewan Polytechnic, 1130 Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3R5, Phone: (306) 659-4045
Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (LDAS), 2221 Hanselman Court, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6A8, Phone: (306) 652-4903
Swift Current
Great Plains College, 129 2 Ave NE, Swift Current, SK S9H 2C6, Phone: (306) 778-5486
Cumberland Regional College, 800 101 Street, Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0, Phone: (306) 873-2525