Vermont GED Requirements

The GED program is for adults who were not in a position to complete their common high school education. The state of Vermont is using the GED exam for its high school equivalency testing program which is specially geared towards these individuals.

The GED® diploma is across America regarded and accepted as the equivalency of a standard high school diploma by practically all colleges, government institutions, and employers.

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Nowadays, people who don’t hold a secondary education degree will face great difficulty in finding proper employment and if they want to go to college, they will need a secondary degree.

Vermont GED testing requirements

  • In Vermont, the minimum age is 16.
  • However, 16 and 17 years old’s only qualify if they meet strict additional requirements. They must, for example, hold permission from their school districts and have parental consent.
  • Vermont does not require test takers to be state residents.
  • Test takers cannot already hold a high school diploma.
  • Test takers can also not be signed up for any other school program.
  • Test-takers in Vermont are not required to pass the GED Ready® test first. This does not apply to only testing.

Vermont GED online

Online GED testing is now also an option for eligible students and the online GED test is also available in Vermont. So you can come in person at one of Vermont’s state-designated GED testing sites or take it online if you meet the requirements for online GED testing.

To qualify for online GED testing in a state that offers online GED testing, you must reach a green (likely to pass) result on the GED Ready practice test. There is one GED Ready test for each subject test, so four in total, that are available on the website and cost $6.99 each.

Vermont GED price

You have the option to take the four GED modules one at a time and you only have to pay for what you take. In Vermont, the GED exam costs $30 per subtest so $120 in total and you’ll have to take it at a test center.

GED scoring

The GED tests are scored on a scale that goes from 100 to 200. Below passing is 100 to 144. High School Equivalency: 145 to 164. College-ready: 165 to 174. Up to 10 additional college credits will be awarded if you score in the 175-200 range.

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The passing standard (145) is set in a way that around 40 percent of high school graduates would not pass the exam on the first try. So make sure to get well prepared if you want to take the four tests successfully.

How to register for the GED test

By the time you are ready to take on one (or more) of the GED subtests, you must create your account via the official GED website (at the portal MyGED). Now you can schedule and pay for the section(s) you want to take.

What’s on the GED test?

The GED (General Education Development) exam comes with four subtests in the subject fields of Social Studies, Science, Math, and Language Arts.

The GED exam gives adults that ever completed high school one more opportunity to get hold of a secondary credential by successfully taking the four separate subtests (modules) of the GED test.

Computer-based GED testing

The GED exam is administered completely on a computer and is modular, which means that you have the option to take the four GED tests one at a time. So you can prepare for one part, take that subtest, and move on to the next part.

All over Vermont, there are numerous Vermont Adult Learning locations where dedicated teachers will help you to get all set for the GED exam. You also have the option to take on an online GED prep course.

Online GED prep courses

These days, there are some pretty well-designed courses offered over the internet such as the premium GED prep course developed by ONSEGO. Online learning allows you to prepare for your exam from the comfort of your house as long as you have an internet connection and a healthy portion of self-discipline. With online learning, you don’t have to go to a physical class.

This is a perfect solution for applicants with busy work schedules and those living in remote areas. No matter how you prefer to study, just be sure you’ll get optimally prepared for your GED tests.