Yukon CAEC Test

Canadian GED has become CAEC

The Canadian GED test has been replaced by the CAEC (Canadian Adult Education Credential) on May 3, 2024. Read more here.

Canadian Online CAEC Classes

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In Yukon, the full five-test Canadian CAEC exam will set you back $150.00, or $30.00 per individual subject test if the price remains the same as for the GED test.

The five CAEC modules (independent, separate sub-exams) are covering the academic fields of Language Arts Writing, Language Arts Reading, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

To be successful on the CAEC test, proper preparation is key, and the best way to get ready fast is by signing up for Onsego’s Canadian online CAEC classes

In Yukon, you’ll have to be 18 years old if you want to write the CAEC test, but 17-year-old testers may qualify as well if they meet some additional strict requirements and provide additional documentation. Please see your regional CAEC test center for details.

More information about the CEAC test can be found <- here.

Is Yukon residency required?

In Yukon, Canadian residency is required, and if you want to take the exam in a different territory or province, please that region’s residency regulations because some provinces allow persons who don’t live there to sit for the CAEC exam while others don’t.

In Yukon, you don’t need to prepare for the CAEC exam with an adult education program, and there’s also no requirement to first attain sufficient scores on the official practice test before they allow you to write the CAEC test.

The Yukon CAEC exam is offered both on paper and on a computer, but whereas other provinces allow combinations of both options, that’s not the case in Yukon. Once you choose one option, you must use that option throughout the five subtests.

For many CAEC applicants, Mathematics is the most challenging of the five sub-exams. If you sign up for the Onsego prep course, you’ll get an interesting Calculator course at no extra cost.

CAEC calculator

If you learn how to use the CAEC calculator efficiently, you’ll be able to solve just about every math problem easily. Some basic math knowledge is always required, but if you know how to use the calculator efficiently, the machine will do the work for you! That’s what the Onsego Calculator Course is all about.

Some students benefit more from attending a traditional class in a community college or an adult education center, but if you are self-disciplined, learning with a good online CAEC prep course has many advantages.

Online CAEC Preparation

Online learning comes with so many benefits. There’s a lot of flexibility as you can choose when and where you will study. You can learn in a library, at home, in a library, or at all public places that offer Wi-Fi Internet access.

The CAEC exam is for persons who have never completed their high school curriculum. It offers them the opportunity to prove that they command skills and knowledge at a level comparable to that of graduating high school students.

Across North America, the Canadian Adult Education Credential is recognized and accepted in the same way as a regular high school diploma by practically all employers, institutions of higher learning, and government agencies. 

Often, holding a high school or CAEC diploma is a prerequisite for trades and technical programs and for employment. All Canadian provinces and territories recognize that if students have passed the CAEC exam, they have demonstrated that they have mastered skills and knowledge at a level equivalent to those of high school graduates.

Please note that CAEC testing is no longer offered at Yukon University’s Testing Centre in Whitehorse.

Notice: Onsego focuses on providing CAEC courses online. We do not offer the CAEC exam. Our support aims to help you pass the exam efficiently. However, confirming our information with official CAEC sources is crucial for accuracy.