Mississippi GED Requirements

In Mississippi, you get your GED diploma if you pass the four GED subject tests. You can take these tests online or at a testing center.

To be able to sit for the GED® test or the GED Ready® tests, candidates must set up an account on the website GED.com.

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The GED tests are challenging exams, and to be successful, it is crucial to be perfectly prepared. Most candidates need around 2 to 3 months for their preparation.

The Mississippi College Board decided recently that GED test-takers can use their earlier HiSET scores for their GED credential and vice versa toward a Mississippi HSE (high school equivalency) diploma.

Mississippi GED Test Requirements

  • You cannot already hold a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • You don’t follow any other educational program.
  • You are at least 16 years of age.
  • 16 and 17-year-olds, however, must meet strict additional requirements such as having permission from their school boards and parents.
  • In Mississippi, there is no residency requirement.

Mississippi GED Price

If you want to take the Mississippi GED test in a testing center, you pay $36 per module or $144 for the entire GED battery.

If you take the four Mississippi GED tests in an online format, you’ll also have to pay $36 per individual subject test, so your total testing fee will be $144.

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To qualify for online GED testing, however, you must first attain “green” scores (likely to pass) on the GED Ready® practice test. Since there are four GED Ready tests for you to take (one for each GED subtest), you can add an extra $28 (four GED Ready tests at $6.99 each), and your total will be $172.

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FAQ About GED In Mississippi

How to get a GED in Mississippi?

Mississippi offers students the opportunity to earn their GED high school equivalency diploma if they pass the four entirely computer-formatted sub-exams that make up the GED exam. The subtests may be taken one at a time.

What are the Mississippi GED testing requirements?

In Mississippi, test-takers are not required to be state residents, and the minimum age to qualify for the exam is 16. Students 16 or 17 years old only qualify if they meet strict additional requirements.

There’s no need to first attend a prep course or attain passing scores on a practice test except when you take the GED exam online. Then, you must first pass the GED Ready practice test.

What is the GED cost in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, the cost of sitting for the GED exam is $144 for the complete GED battery or $36 per individual subtest when taken at a test center. The online GED exam costs $36 per module as well, so $144 in total, but there’s also the cost of the four GED Ready tests, an extra cost of $28, so, overall, you’ll end up paying $172. Onsego’s Advantage students receive 4 GED Ready practice tests at no cost.

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