Score Booster Service

Personalized guidance for top scores or overcoming challenges.

The Score Booster Service is tailored for students who are close to achieving their desired GED test scores. This service goes beyond traditional study methods by equipping you with specialized techniques and expert advice to maximize your scoring potential.

What’s Included:

  • Sessions with Your Instructor (review of your performance): Our experts analyze your diagnostic test results, create a customized study plan, and assign new resources just for you.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Test: This in-depth assessment identifies the specific areas where you can gain those critical extra points on your GED test.
  • Personalized Resources: Based on your diagnostic test and instructor feedback, you’ll receive new resources prepared to fill in any remaining knowledge gaps.
    ALSO, You Receive
  • Advantage Pro Plan 
    • Math
    • Language
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • All GED Skill Builders
    • GED Ready Vouchers
    • TI-30XS Calculator course
    • Essay Checkers
    • GED Flashcards
    • Test -Taking Strategies Course
    • Reading Skills Elevation
    • Quitting Protection
    • Confidence Booster

Usually, there are around 10 sessions (by email, Zoom call, or chat) with the instructor.

The price is $199 for 12 months of access.

How It Works:

  • You can access the Onsego GED prep with all Skill Builders and begin your GED prep. When you want to get feedback on your performance, simply get in touch with us through the email form in your account or a text message.
  • Your instructor might ask you to take the Advanced Diagnostic Test to pinpoint your knowledge gaps.
  • You receive personalized feedback, study plans, and additional resources prepared just for you.
  • Complete assigned resources to fill in any remaining gaps.
  • Take the Onsego Final Practice Test or the GED Ready test.
  • Schedule the actual GED test.

Expected Outcomes:

Most students who take advantage of the Score Booster Service see a marked improvement in their test scores within 7-10 days.


Our experts create flashcards and short cheat sheets that address your weaknesses. I will tell you the story of James, who had problems with Math. The instructor found out he made simple mistakes when solving word problems, so James got a list of lessons and shortcuts on how to improve it.

Another student, Kathie, always chose wrong answers to Social Studies questions when the question used official and old-fashioned language. She receives additional reading resources and flashcards that help her overcome these challenges.

Both, James and Kathie passed their GED tests and received their GED Diplomas.


How can I access this service?
The Score Booster Service is available as part of our premium Advantage Pro plan.

Can I pass the GED test using this service alone?
It depends on your current knowledge level. If your GED Ready score is around 140 points, then yes. However, if you’re struggling with fundamental topics, this service alone may not be sufficient but don’t worry about it; our experts will provide you with a clear path to the improvemen
How is this different from tutoring?

This isn’t one-on-one tutoring. Our instructors analyze your performance strategically, create a plan for you, and assign new resources through videos and practice tests.