Here are some of the reviews we got from students who have studied for the GED® test with Onsego. We hope these reviews will inspire you and you will join Onsego too.

I would recommend Onsego Prep as it is a user-friendly learning tool. The content is well laid out and easy to access. Lessons are short and comprehensive and easy to understand.
Onsego has helped me tremendously academically which has also helped me financially. Thank you so much. I give it 5 stars.
Onsego made obtaining my GED quick and painless. I was able to get my GED completed in approximately 2 months while on unemployment. I didn’t have to worry about making it to classes and did it from the comfort of my own home.
Love your course!!! I have tried others and this is the best so far!!!
Schanel Candiest Jordan

Being able to use Onsego Prep has been a Life Saver! I can log in at any time, and get right to work. It is so easy to use and understand. The quality of learning is exceptional.
When I first started studying I didn’t even know how to begin or what I needed to study. I’ve checked out quite a few GED prep websites which either seemed too confusing and disorganized or too expensive. I like that Onsego focuses on only the basic things you actually need to know everything is quick and straight to the point. I also love that it keeps track of my progress with every subject, it keeps me motivated to see close I am to finishing.
The videos and setup of Onsego are simple to follow – and much easier to stay focused on than the Kaplan materials. The delivery of Onsego is much more intuitive.
Onsego GED Prep has made it so much easier to attain my Diploma. With these lessons and tests, it is getting me thoroughly prepared for the exams and it is not taking out of too much time from my normal daily routines. Now I can start preparing to go to university from this qualification and I have Onsego to thank for it. Big ups to everyone at Onsego!
Dylan Friedman
I started using Onsego about 5 months ago and it has been one of the fastest and easiest ways of understanding numerous topics. I really like this way of learning with the videos and step by step techniques, while also being able to take down notes on the side as you go. I have recommended Onsego prep to a few people and I will gladly do it again.
Delila Quin
I really like this program! It’s a great resource for building education to pass the test. the bite-sized videos make the subjects less intimidating, and it’s great if you’ve only got a few minutes every day to work on it.
The Onsego prep is very easy to use. The Onsego prep has made it easy to understand and simple to comprehend. I passed 3 of the 4 subjects on the 1st try. Studying currently my last subject. I would highly recommend this amazing tool.
Shimesther Corlette
I love that I can do on my own time. Math is so challenging for me but Onsego has made the process easy. I pick a lesson and complete it if I want more practice I can re-read the lesson and study what I need to know.
I like the transcript portion that I use to compare my notes with. The videos are spoken and easy to comprehend. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate.
See N.
Onsego is one of the easiest to understand GED resources on the web. I’ve gone through different GED resources online and by far Onsego is my favorite. They make everything simple and easy to understand. I would recommend Onsego to anyone looking to pass their GED.
I like Covel because it’s easy to use and I can learn on the go. I can sign in on my phone, tablet, or laptop and continue my lessons anywhere and anytime.
The Onsego Prep app was so much help to me without it I would not have been ready to take my GED. But thanks to the Onsego Team I am now prepared to take the test and the next step to my future thank you so much!
Anne Lawler
Using it helped me pass all of my GED tests. All I have left is math! It’s a great learning tool.
Elizabeth Holland
Onsego is a real game-changer, and it helped me to pass the GED test in 3 months, and I just want to say thank you for your help.
J. M. Archibald
J. M. Archibald
Onsego has been beyond helpful on studying for my GED. I have been out of high school for 7 years. I did very well in high school. However, I have been intimidated by taking GED tests, until I found Onsego. The site is very informative on what to expect for the tests while giving you up to date knowledge/refreshment on education needed to pass. Thank you!
I’ve really enjoyed using this platform for my studies. It’s easy to understand and easy to use. I love that I can go at my own pace and there’s no pressure to finish sooner than what I understand and know. I also really love how affordable it is, I was really worried I wouldn’t have the money due to having to live paycheck to paycheck.
Helen Miklosovic
Math has always been a huge problem for me. I could never understand it! I passed all other GED tests, and I tried 2 times to pass the Math GED and failed. I was sure there was no way I would ever get my GED Diploma. After taking the Onsego GED course for 6 months, I passed the Math test.
I really like the program. All the quizzes and practice tests help me remember a lot of facts. Remembering things help in the test because when you get a question you already have an idea of what type of answer you should be looking for. Also, the program allows you to check the answers you get wrong and compare them to the right ones. This has been very helpful I’d say.
Melany Molina
I really like using Onsego Prep because it has really helped me prepare for the GED test more and more every day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to prepare for the GED exam. Thank you.
Mr. Serena
I left high school young to have my daughter and now that she is 3 I have decided to go back and finish so I can make a better life for us. I started on my own but found I couldn’t keep focused. Then I found your course, and it was nice to be working on classes that are up to date. I found it very encouraging and am happy to report that I will be ready to write my final in just a few short weeks!
A great way to get ready for the GED test at an affordable price.
Betzalel Levi
I passed all the GED tests! I studied 2-4 hours every day through the whole course. It worked and I got my GED Diploma. Thank you so much for this awesome course, which gave me self-confidence and self-esteem.  I wish all the other students the same results.
I find Onsego Prep to be a straightforward and user-friendly program. Keeping things simple makes a world of difference when it comes to studying because I can focus on the work I need to cover and not on figuring out how a program works. I have had to communicate with someone to have my age exemption removed and it was done swiftly and efficiently. Overall my experience with Onsego Prep has been pleasant, by far the better program for GED I have used. I hope to be able to write my exams soon.
Onsego is easy to use and understand. I love the fact that I can make notes and save them on the program. Seeing my progress on each subject in the progress slider really motivates me.
Onsego’s lessons are fun, short, and to the point. My students get all they need to pass the GED tests.
Excellent program! My son was fully prepared for each test and did very well! I credit your comprehensive prep program!
I found the Onsego GED prep very helpful. I appreciate the work put in this program. Thank you very much.
Abdelmajid Zraouli
I had already taken the GED test twice without classes and didn’t pass. My biggest problem was that I’ didn’t have money and I hoped to pass the GED just like that. But it doesn’t work this way. The GED Onsego course has been the best choice I made in a long time. And it’s not that expensive. Just getting started is the hardest part. Eventually, Onsego was the key to solving my money problems, here is how it can help you too. You prepare for the test, and you go and pass the GED, then you can go and get the next thing you want to have.
This study course is wonderful; it is easy to understand, the videos really are informative. And the staff is excellent and very helpful with anything. I am more than grateful for these courses, and if not for the staff, I would have never gotten this far and passed my tests. I highly recommend this GED Course.
I absolutely love this website. I fully recommend it to anyone wanting to strengthen education knowledge. The lessons, videos and quizzes are helpful to focus on your weakest subject areas. I took two subjects of the GED test recently and passed!!
Angelique George
The courses are brilliant. Plenty of practice tests with clear instructions and examples. I passed all my GED tests and that was thanks to the confidence gained through Onsego.
Before I signed up with Onsego Prep I forgot almost everything about math. Math has always been my worst subject. But Onsego has really help me learn Easy Fast ways to solve any math problems. I love this program.
Mya Callaway
Having access to this site really helped me earn my GED this time. I have tried before, but I’d end up giving up. I know this time around though I’m going to finish and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you and keep up the good work.
I have been trying to get my GED for a few years. First, I bought a GED book and was very enthusiastic about the results, but it’s just not for me. I also took another course, but it made me feel dumb, I could never pass a practice test, and it didn’t allow me to take the next lessons, so I gave it up too. With the Onsego program, it is all different, it’s all explained simply, and you can always ask questions and staff people are super friendly. I waited for this solution for a long time.
I was so scared of Math but the Onsego ’s math program takes you slowly, step by step, through all the math problems and it gives you confidence. The trick is to take it slowly and repeat the lessons, even if you don’t understand it on the first try. Just watch the video again, read the lesson text and you will get it. I promise. It worked for me, and it will work for you too.
As someone who has done no serious learning since leaving school 12 years ago the thought of the GED test was daunting. But this course walked me through all the needed steps, without making me feel stupid. It took me 11 months but I passed all four tests, including Math, and believe me when I say – I didn’t think it was possible!
I love that the videos are straight to the point. Love that it is organized and easy to follow.
I am really enjoying this prep course. I’ve been out of school since 1989 and it’s all coming back to me with the fantastic breakdown of this course and the subjects. Thank you.
Onsego is straight to the point. There isn’t any fluff like other GED programs that cause me to lose focus. Having text, video & audio for each lesson really helps you memorize the subject. It’s exactly what I needed to pass my exam.
Thank you for everything, I passed my GED test after 4 months of joining the course and I am very grateful for your help.
Onsego has really helped me with the skills that I needed to prepare for the GED. I am glad I found this online learning to refresh my knowledge and develop my learning skills.
I really enjoy using the Onsego Prep; it helped me improve my reading skills and helped me understand and strengthen some of my weaker subject areas. The step by step subject guide is 100% helpful and has helped me pass my science test. I think this website is perfect for anyone trying to get their GED, or just needs a refreshment. I recommend Onsego Prep to everyone.
The videos have great explanations with lots of examples that make it easy to understand the problem. This site has helped me a lot since I’ve started using it. I recommend this course.
Onsego Prep is very friendly program, it makes you feel smarter. When I used other programs, I always had the idea that someone laughs at me that I can’t understand some lessons. When I use Onsego, I feel understood and supported. It’s very uplifting.
I had studied every week with your courses for a few months until I knew I was ready.  I’m happy to report I passed all the tests.
Onsego is a great program, it has helped me get prepared to take my GED test even with years of being out of high school. I have studied hard and passed my GED Practice tests on the first try and now will be taking the GED in just a few days all thanks to Onsego.
I really enjoy Onsego, not to mention that it’s way cheaper than what I started out my GED journey with. It is very easy to navigate & makes lessons easier to understand. At first, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to understand Math but using Onsego has made me realize that it’s about the presentation. I wish I had come across Onsego a long time ago.
I’m not usually one to leave reviews, but Onsego Prep really did help. I’ve been putting off getting my GED for over 10 years and 1 month after paying for Onsego Prep I now have my GED! Took the GED ready practice tests along with each subject and ended up scoring higher on the real test than on all the practice tests. Proof that they pretty accurately mimic the real test.
It is such an excellent program. I recommend it to all my students.
It’s wonderful how quickly you can learn with the Onsego app. I really enjoy learning thanks to this website.
I am a 32 almost 33-year-old woman/mother who thought for many years that I wouldn’t be able to get my GED. Why? Because I was very young when I had my firstborn child. At the time I was preparing for my GED test I was 18 and pregnant with my second child.

I finished preparing and had a Final test to take. I was so excited and proud of myself. Unfortunately, I moved to another state, and the father of my child didn’t take me to do the test and didn’t want to. I had no support or motivation for my GED. So I ended up giving up and always saying how much I wish I could have my GED.

By now I have 5 kids. My oldest is going to be 18 and is in her last year of high school. Because of my kids and this GED website I never gave up on the idea of completing my GED but hard times hit even when I tried and always pushed me back down but pushed myself up and with a website like this and understanding I know I can do it. It’s never too late.
This website is amazing and so helpful and they stay sending you emails so you don’t forget that you can do it too.

Try it I promise you will not regret it.

Hello, thought I would give some feedback on your website. The first thing is your site is awesome I would have never made it as far as I have without this site, second, it has helped me learn a lot. And I wonder if anyone has any advice on how I can keep up with my own schooling while kids are all home would be very helpful, I get distracted easily and of course, can’t leave a three-year-old unattended. Thank you all so very much for the schooling online it is very much appreciated and sure a lot of people out there find this so much better and easier than a classroom. 🙂 Thanks again.
Ashley A.
I am learning a lot of new things and it helps me feel a lot more secure about getting my GED.


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