For Schools and Teachers

Onsego offers group accounts perfect for schools, teachers, and organizations aiming to help multiple students prepare for the GED test.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase a group account to give your students free access to Onsego’s GED prep courses for one full year.
  2. As a group leader, you’ll have access to a dashboard that lets you register students, monitor their progress, and even check attendance.
  3. Need reports? You can easily generate them right from your dashboard.
We use the Onsego GED course for our students, and are extremely pleased with the results. The service they provide is amazing….
Leanna June Belson Schonbrunn
Our students and parents love Onsego for its easy-to-follow instructions and support. We have been working with Onsego for years. Needless to say, all our students have passed the GED tests and received their high school equivalency diplomas.
Joanna D.
Onsego provides online courses that help students gain confidence, achieving results unmatched by any other vendor. I highly recommend Onsego to every educator who wants their students to succeed.
Amanda K.

Multi-use Accounts

The group accounts are multi-use accounts. Here is how it works: if you purchase 10 seats, you can assign them to 10 students at any time.
Should a student drop out, you have the flexibility to deactivate that seat and reassign it to a new student.

Each seat corresponds to a unique email address, ensuring that each student’s progress is individually tracked. Sharing an account among students would interfere with the accurate recording of progress.

Get Started Now

Once you’re set up as a group leader, you can send automatic invitations to students. They can join Onsego instantly and will have access for a year.

Do you have a student who finished early, and want to add another student?
No problem! You can easily manage these changes from your dashboard.

For more details, check this page with video instructions for group leaders.


The prices of group accounts are listed below. We accept checks, wire transfers, and credit/debit card payments.

  • 3-10 seats: $85 per multiple-use seat  per year
  • 11-20 seats: $79 per multiple-use seat per year
  • 20-50 seats $69 per multiple-use seat per year
  • 50-100 seats $59 per multiple-use seat per year
  • 100 -200 seats $55 per multiple-use seat per year

What’s Included for Students

Onsego offers a complete online GED program that helps students prepare for four GED subtests.

  • Complete Prep for 4 GED Subjects
  • Progress Tracking
  • Expert Video Lessons
  • Short Quizzes
  • Practice Tests
  • Dedicated Support

Free Add-ons🎁

  • 4 GED Ready Vouchers per seat ($28 Value)
  • GED Calculator Course ($69 Value)
  • Essay Checker ($19 Value)
  • Quitting Protection
  • Confidence Booster & Study Tips


  • Lessons that simply explain complex topics
  • Mini quizzes after every lesson
  • Practice Tests at the end of each module
  • Final Practice Tests at the end of the subject course
  • Strong & Weak Areas Reports based on practice test results
  • Note-taking system
  • Digital Whiteboard on-screen
  • Digital TI-30XS calculator included in the practice tests
  • The support team answers your questions 7 days a week

What’s Includes for Teachers

A Group Leader dashboard with reports. For more details, check this page with video instructions for group leaders.

GED Testing Service recognizes Onsego as a trusted publisher that has developed curriculum materials that are fully aligned with the GED test.

How to Get Started

Contact us to tell us about your organization’s needs, and we will help you get started.