Is GED Easy?

The GED test is easy if you are optimally prepared.

However, assuming you don’t need to spend time getting familiar with the testing format can make the GED test difficult.


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The main reason people don’t pass the GED test is the lack of proper preparation.

The lack of preparation comes in different forms, from “I have no time for learning” to “I don’t need any course; I will pass the GED test just like that.”

And though that might be true for some students, recent statistics show that only 48% of students pass all GED tests on the first try.


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Additionally, 75% of students who fail one of the tests get discouraged and don’t try again, which is sobering news.

Don’t make this happen to you. Preparing for the GED test is a simple, repeatable process, and all students who take their preparation seriously pass the GED tests without any problems.

How To Prepare For The GED Test

The GED test is composed of four modular, independent sections, each focusing on the major academic subjects of Language Arts (reading and writing combined, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

The test is designed to measure the level of knowledge and understanding a person has of each subject. The GED test is a great tool for people to demonstrate their academic knowledge and skills, especially those who may not have completed high school.

However, the GED test is still a challenging exam that covers much material. It requires dedication, practice, and focus. Appropriate preparation is required to pass the GED test successfully.

Onsego offers a fully online GED prep program that addresses all aspects and topics of the GED test. There are many practice tests that allow you to learn all about your stronger and weaker points, so you’ll discover what to focus on.

Each of the four GED sections contains questions in multiple-choice, drop-down, multi-select, and other formatted questions, as well as writing an essay, the GED extended response.

Getting your GED diploma will result in far better employment options and significantly improved income.

On average, GED and high school diploma holders make at least $9800 more annually than workers who do not have a secondary education degree.

Additionally, the GED education credential allows for enrolling in credit-bearing college courses, and if you reach GED “College-Ready” scores, you may even see remedial course requirements or submitting SAT or ACT scores waived.

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What are GED Ready® tests? The GED Ready tests are official practice tests developed and published by GED Testing Service. This test is the only practice test that will indicate if you are likely to pass the real exam or if you require more preparation. You can purchase the GED Ready test on the website for $6.99.

There are four of these practice tests, one for each subject test. Students who register for the “Advantage Plan” from Onsego will receive 4 GED Ready practice tests at no cost, so a $28 value!

The GED Ready test comes with a Skills To Improve Report. Your GED Score page will indicate which skills you need to improve, and if you connect this list with your Onsego account, you’ll receive personalized suggestions about which Onsego lessons to take to improve your score! Now, that’s efficiency, don’t you agree?

Onsego Practice Tests For The GED Exam

Onsego also offers just practice tests in the Evolve Plan. So if you only want to check your knowledge, we can also help you. Every GED subject includes 12 practice questions with explanations.

It is important to stay motivated and focused throughout the preparation period, as it can be a long and arduous process. Additionally, it is important to use reliable study materials, such as a good online prep course and lots of practice tests, to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the exam.

Taking multiple GED practice tests allows you to get familiar with the format of the exam and the questions, and you will also get a good idea of the academic areas you should focus on most to reach passing scores.

These days, there are quite a few very well-designed online GED prep courses that allow you to prepare fast and highly efficiently, and Onsego’s top-notch online GED classes will get you all set very efficiently.

Though this form of preparation requires some self-discipline on your behalf, as there’s no instructor to help you stay motivated, you may get ahead much faster since you decide when, where, and how long you study for your GED test.

How To Take The GED Exam

The GED test can be taken at state-designated testing facilities nationwide or in an online format (the Online Proctored GED Test) by qualifying test-takers.

To be eligible for taking the GED test online, candidates first have to attain passing scores (in the GED “green” zone) on the GED Ready test.

The four GED sub-exams are modular tests, meaning you can take them separately, one or more at a time, and in any order you prefer. We advise you to start with the subject that’s easiest for you to build up your confidence.

The GED exam is a rigorous test that requires a significant amount of studying and preparation. The GED test covers a wide range of topics, from basic math and reading comprehension to advanced science and social studies.

It requires a deep understanding of the material and the ability to apply it to real-world situations. The GED test is a difficult exam, and it can take several months of studying and preparation to pass, but you may speed up your preparation efforts by learning from the tips and tricks explained in this post.

In short, though the GED test is a difficult and challenging exam, you shouldn’t experience too many hurdles if you prepare adequately. With the proper amount of preparation and dedication, you should be able to pass the four GED sub-exams relatively easily.