GED Math Course- Easy To Learn

The Onsego Math course prepares you to take the math portion of the GED exam successfully. It correlates entirely with the GED Math subtest and includes everything you need to pass the GED® Math test.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply all mathematical concepts tested on the GED exam
  • How to solve problems quickly and accurately
  • How to build up confidence in your math skills
  • How to answer math problems (we have 14 final practice tests)

This course includes 16 modules with walkthroughs of math problems ranging in difficulty from easy to more advanced. At the end of each module, a more extended practice test with full explanations helps you to summarize what you learned.

Onsego Adapts to You

Every module in the math course includes “Can I Skip It?” quizzes that help you decide about omitting lessons that you are familiar with, and you can quickly move forward. This approach makes our prep unique to you.

Every lesson contains a video, text, and a short quiz, and this combination gives students the opportunity to get familiar with the topics in multiple ways. We use a lot of images and explain complex topics in a very graphical, easy-to-understand way.

Remember that you are allowed to use a calculator during the math test; it must be the TI-30XS calculator. Our GED Calculator Course is included for free in the Advantage plan.

The GED Math Course is available as a stand-alone course and is also included in the Advantage Plans.


To Get Started, Choose a Plan

GED Math

Normally $98


 You save $50 

  • Complete GED® Math Prep
  • TI-30XS Calculator Course
  • Expert Video Lessons
  • Short Quizzes
  • Practice Tests
  • Progress Tracking
  • 12 Months of Access
  • Dedicated Support


Normally $179


 You save $100 

  • Complete GED Math Prep
  • TI-30XS calculator course
  • 3 other GED® Subjects Prep
  • Progress Tracking
  • Expert Video Lessons
  • Short Quizzes
  • Practice Tests
  • Dedicated Support
  • 6 Months of Access


  • GED Ready Vouchers ($28 Value)
  • Quitting Protection
  • Boosting Confidence & Study Tips

Student Reviews

I should get Onsego prep a long time ago. I was struggling with passing the GED and I wasted so much time trying to piece together free stuff. For a small investment, I got exactly what I needed. Onsego saved me so much time and money and finally, I got my GED.
Onsego made obtaining my GED quick and painless. I was able to get my GED completed in 2 months while on unemployment.
Onsego Prep really did help. I’ve been putting off getting my GED for over 10 years and I now have my GED!
I left high school young to have my daughter and now that she is 3 I have decided to go back and finish so I can make a better life for us. I started on my own but found I couldn’t keep focused. Then I found your course, and I found it very encouraging and am happy to report that passed all 4 tests!
Being able to use Onsego Prep has been a Life Saver! I can log in at any time, and get right to work. It is so easy to use and understand. The quality of learning is exceptional.
Thank you for everything, I passed my GED test after 4 months of joining the course and I am very grateful for your help.
The videos have great explanations with lots of examples that make it easy to understand the problem. This site has helped me a lot since I’ve started using it. Would recommend.

Frequently Asked  Questions

Can I use the TI-30XS calculator on the GED Test?
Yes, you can. The TI-30XS calculator is the only calculator that you can use during the GED test.
Can I pass the GED Math if I left school many years ago?
Absolutely! It doesn’t matter when you left school. Our lessons will help you get ready for the GED test fast.
Does this course work on Android/iPhone or only on a computer?
The Onsego course works on all devices. You can study on your Android or iPhone, tablets, as well as on computers.
How many times will I be charged?
Just one time for any paid plan. We won’t charge you on a monthly basis or anything like that. It’s a one-time, upfront fee, and that’s it.
How does the 7-day refund policy work?
If you’re unhappy for any reason, email us within 7 days of purchasing, and we will give you a full refund. No strings attached.
Can I see a sample lesson?
Sure thing, here is one of our Math lessons.

Math Sample Quiz