10 Add-Ons -Study Smarter for Your GED Test

In addition to our four main GED subject courses, Onsego offers 10 add-ons to make your study time more effective. These add-ons are included in Onsego plans at no extra cost to you, although their availability may vary depending on the plan you select.

4 GED Ready Vouchers

 ($28 Value)  A GED Ready® Voucher allows you to get a free GED Ready Practice Test. If you want to take the GED test online, you have to pass the GED Ready practice test first. This is a prerequisite.

This test tells you if you are likely to pass the GED® subject test or if it’s too close to call and that you should keep studying. We highly recommend taking the GED Ready test before the real test because it prevents you from having unnecessary troubles.
Also, if you want to take the GED test online, you are required to take the GED Ready Practice Test before scheduling your real test.

Included in all Advantage plans.

The TI-30XS Calculator Course

 ($69 Value)  The TI-30XS Calculator course is a short course that teaches you how to use the scientific calculator effectively to solve most of the GED Math questions. Taking this course will shorten and simplify your GED math prep.

On the GED Math test, you can use only one type of calculator, the TI-30XS. This is a powerful calculator, but you need to know how to use it. In 35 short lessons, you learn how to perform calculations on fractions, exponents, equations, and many more. We also show you how to get a free version of this scientific calculator.
You can check more details about the TI-30XS course here.

Included in all Advantage plans and Math courses.

Essay Checker

 ($19 Value)  Your GED essay is scored by software, NOT by a teacher. We will use the same type of software to check your essay. You will get a clear report with action points, so you know how to improve your writing to be favored by software. The Onsego course includes a complete module dedicated to writing a GED Essay.  Read more about this tool.

Included in all Advantage Plus and Language Art plans.

The Quitting Protection System

 ($49 Value)  The biggest obstacle to getting the GED Diploma is quitting the course and stopping learning regularly. Nothing else. If you follow the lessons included in this course, you will pass all four tests. We guarantee it. But what do you do if you hit a roadblock? Our Quitting Protection system explains what to do and how to move forward.

It includes a plan for acting if you hit a roadblock, a Must-Know Lessons Checklist, and tips on creating a legit cheat sheet. It is included in all Advantage Plans.

Study Planners

Each subject comes with 2 or 3 study planners to effectively guide your learning journey. You have the flexibility to choose your pace – you can take just 5 lessons per day, which will require approximately 30 minutes, or opt for 10 lessons, dedicating around an hour to learning each day.

Of course, you can create your own plan and use our planners for inspiration. Study planners are included in all courses. Read more about study planners. 

Included in all plans.

Boosting Your Confidence

Strategies for reaching your full potential. This is a short 5-lesson course that explains how to boost your confidence to pass your GED. Among other things, you learn how to change your mindset in order to achieve what you want. You will also learn to avoid mistakes that can undermine your GED success. There is also a learning style quiz that will help you to optimize your learning. This course is full of proven strategies.

Included in all plans.


Unlock the power of efficient study with our Flashcards, the perfect tool for anyone looking to streamline their GED preparation. These flashcards are not just any study aid; they are a carefully curated collection that distills the essential information across all GED subjects into a manageable, easy-to-review format. Read more about it.

Included in the Plus and Pro plans.

Divide and Conquer

The Divide and Conquer program is a short course full of strategies and practice tests that help you get better at picking the right answers. The GED test sometimes tries to trick you with answers that look right but aren’t. Our system teaches you how to spot these tricky answers and focus on the ones that are probably correct. Read more about it.

Included in Pro plan.

Reading Skills Elevation

The Reading Skills Elevation Program is specifically designed to enhance your reading comprehension skills, which are vital for succeeding in the GED Test.
It includes diagnostic tests and 5 short lessons followed by practice tests with explanations. At the end of this course, students receive a personalized test strategy.

Included in Pro plan.

Score Booster Service

Personalized guidance for top scores or overcoming challenges. The Score Booster Service is tailored for students who are close to achieving their desired GED test scores. This service goes beyond traditional study methods by equipping you with specialized techniques and expert advice to maximize your scoring potential. Read more about it.
Included in the Pro plan.