TI-30 XS [GED] Calculator Course

The TI-30 XS [GED] Calculator Course teaches you how to use this scientific calculator to solve GED questions related to math. These types of questions appear on the GED® Math and Science tests.

Taking this course will shorten and simplify your GED math prep. This course is part of Advantage Plans and Math Prep.

What’s Included

  • This course includes 6 modules. All lessons are short, up to 4 minutes, and explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand way.
  • When you take the Onsego course, you will be gradually exposed to techniques, leveraging your skills to the next level.
  • Every lesson contains a video, text, and a short quiz, which allows you to get familiar with the topics in multiple ways.


How can I buy this course?

This course is included in our 3 plans: My Advantage, My Advantage Plus, and Math Prep. It’s not sold separately.

How long does it take to complete the TI-30 XS calculator course?

This course includes 4 learning hours of materials. So, if you study just 1 hour a day, you will complete this course within a week.

Can I take this course instead of Math?

The TI-30 XS course teaches you how to answer mathematical calculation questions; however, word problem topics are not part of this course. If you are not familiar with these topics, we suggest combining the calculator course with our Math Prep course.

Can I use a different calculator?

No, you need to use the TI-30 XS calculator. On the GED test, you are allowed to use ONLY this type of calculator. You can buy this calculator at every Walmart, BestBuy shop, or Amazon website. It costs around $15.We also introduce you to apps and other free resources. On the GED test, there’s also an embedded, on-screen version.

Sample Lesson