TI-30 XS [GED] Calculator Course

The TI-30 XS [GED] Calculator Course teaches you how to use this scientific calculator to solve GED questions related to math. These types of questions appear on the GED® Math and Science tests.

Taking this course will shorten and simplify your GED math prep.

What’s Included

This course includes 6 modules. All lessons are short, up to 4 minutes, and explain complex topics in easy to understand way.

When you take the Onsego course, you will be gradually exposed to techniques, leveraging your skills to the next level. Every lesson contains a video, text, and a short quiz, which allows you to get familiar with the topics in multiple ways.

Sample Lesson


Ti-30 XS Calculator Course


  • TI-30 XS Calculator Course
  • 40 Expert Video Lessons
  • 40 Short Quizzes
  • 2 Practice Tests
  • Progress Tracking
  • 6 Months of Access
  • Dedicated Support

Math Essentials Plus


  • Complete GED® Math Prep
  • TI-30 XS Calculator Course ($69 value)
  • 150+ Expert Video Lessons
  • 150+Short Quizzes
  • 14 Practice Tests
  • Progress Tracking
  • 6 Months of Access
  • Dedicated Support


Why is the TI-30 XS calculator course more expensive than the plan that also includes traditional Math lessons?
We want to make this course available to as many students as possible; therefore, we subsidize the TI-30 XS calculator course costs. Combining it with Math lessons allows us to do it. Plus, we know that if you use a calculator course with Math Essentials, you will have a much better chance of passing the GED math test because the Math course includes instructions for Statistics and Word Problems questions. And it’s vital to get familiar with these topics.
How long does it take to complete the TI-30 XS calculator course?

This course includes 4 learning hours of materials. So, if you study just 1 hour a day, you will complete this course within a week.

Can I take this course instead of Math?

The TI-30 XS course teaches you how to answer mathematical calculation questions; however, word problem topics are not part of this course. If you are not familiar with these topics, we suggest combining the calculator course with the Math Essentials. So, Math Essential Plus would be a  better choice

Can I use a different calculator?

No, you need to use the TI-30 XS calculator. On the GED test, you are allowed to use ONLY this type of calculator. You can buy this calculator at every Walmart, BestBuy shop, or Amazon website. It costs around $15.We also introduce you to apps and other free resources. On the GED test, there’s also an embedded, on-screen version.