GED Online Test From Home – How Does It Work?

Nowadays, you can earn your GED diploma from home in many states. The online GED test is provided by GED Testing Service, and you need to register for it at To prepare quickly for tests, you can use Onsego online GED classes.

The online GED® test is convenient and efficient, but there are a few things you need to know.

First of all, the GED exam is monitored by a proctor; he or she will check your identity and ensure the integrity of the exam.

Secondly, you need to pass the GED Ready® practice test to qualify for online GED testing. You must reach a “green” (likely to pass) score, and your GED Ready score cannot be older than 60 days for each of the four GED subject tests that you want to take online.

There’s a GED Ready test for each independent GED sub-exam. You can buy the GED Ready practice test on the official website of GED Testing Service,, for $6.99 each.

Last but not least, for online testing, you must have a computer with a webcam and a reliable Internet connection. You must run a system check to test if your computer system meets all the requirements for taking the exam online.

Online GED Classes

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Your GED testing room must be without any distractions and have four walls and a closed door. GED Testing Service will verify your government-issued photo ID when you check in to take the test.

To launch your GED test, you need to log in to your account at least 30 minutes prior to your test appointment. You need to follow the steps that are given on-screen to check in for your GED test. Your computer system, workspace, and ID will be verified.

When everything is fine, you can take the test on your computer while a proctor monitors your activities online just in the same way as it happens at a testing center.

Please note that the online GED test is NOT available in Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

What Is The GED Exam?

The GED exam is a high school equivalency (HSE) exam that measures your knowledge and skills through four independent subject tests.

The four sub-exams (independent modules) cover the academic subject fields of Social Studies, Science, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning through Language Arts.

Testing takes place at a level that is similar to what high school students are expected to master at graduation. You can learn more on our page that explains what a GED is and how to get it fast.

The GED exam can be taken in person at a state-designated GED test center or online. Please keep in mind that in order to qualify for taking the GED test online, you’ll have to meet additional requirements.

How Can I See If I Qualify For Online GED Testing?

First of all, check if your state is offering the online GED test. The online exam is unavailable in South Carolina and New York State. There are also states that have specific eligibility requirements, such as age or attending a prep course prior to testing.

If you log in to your GED account, there will be a message about online testing and if you are eligible to do so. Keep also in mind that you require “green” GED Ready scores attained within the past 60 days. If you don’t, you cannot schedule an online GED test.

When taking the GED exam online, you don’t have as many attempts to reach a passing score as you would have when you take the exam in person at a test center. If you haven’t passed a subject test after two attempts, a waiting period of 60 days applies before you can take another shot at passing that subtest online.

But the fact of the matter is that if you prepare well, the GED test doesn’t need to be that hard at all. If you study regularly and stay motivated to earn your GED diploma, you’ll succeed; that’s for sure!

Online Tools To Get All Set Fast For The GED Exam

Most students will earn their GED diplomas within three months if they follow Onsego’s online GED-recognized prep course. The program allows GED applicants to get all set for the GED exam at their own pace.

The online video lessons, practice tests, quizzes, and resources, such as the GED Calculator Course and the Quitting Protection Plan, are tools that will ensure you’ll get optimally prepared in the fastest way and that you won’t give up studying.

Tools You Have During The Online GED Exam

GED Testing Service offers some amazing tools that will help you make your online testing experience smooth. The following information comes from the official website.

Onscreen Calculator – When taking the exam at a test center, you have the availability of both a physical TI-30XS calculator or an on-screen, embedded version, but when you take the GED exam online, the only available and allowed option is using the on-screen version.

The on-screen calculator works exactly the same as the hand-held one. So get familiar with all the functions and possibilities of the calculator and boost your scores! You can learn more about the TI-30XS course here.

Onscreen Scratch Pad – During your online GED test, you have access to an on-screen embedded scratchpad that allows you to perform calculations and take notes.

Onscreen Whiteboard – You’ll also be able to access an on-screen whiteboard. Here, you can write out and draw math calculations with your mouse. You can access this feature at any time if you click on the Whiteboard icon (found at the top of your computer screen).

Technical Assistance – During your online test, you will be able to chat with the proctor. However, your proctor will not be able to answer questions related to the content of the test.

When taking the GED exam online, make sure you have closed all other applications on your computer and completed the required system test well ahead of time. Keep in mind that an unreliable Internet connection is probably the most common and most often happening technical issue during the online GED test.

Online GED Testing Rules

When taking the GED exam online, some pretty strict rules and regulations apply. Let’s take a closer look:

  • First of all, when signing up for the online GED exam, you consent that you’re being recorded and videotaped, and if you’re caught cheating, you’ll be in deep trouble!
  • Your testing room needs to be a private, walled space with a closed door. During your test, no one else can enter the room; no exceptions! During your test, you are not allowed to leave the room.
  • You are not allowed to talk, take physical notes, use a physical calculator, or use scratch paper. Covering your mouth, speaking out loud, or mumbling will lead to an official warning.
  • Watches, mobile phones, and personal items must be entirely out of reach, and smoking, chewing gum, and food are strictly prohibited.  Headphones and headsets (both Bluetooth or wired) are also not allowed unless you have explicit approval.
  • Once your online test session has started, you are not allowed to move your webcam. If you break any of these strict rules, your exam will be revoked, your payment will be lost, and you won’t be able to take the online GED exam again in the future. Learn more on our page about how the GED exam works.

The GED Ready Practice Test

So, eligible GED applicants can sit for the exams remotely from the comfort of their homes or at another location while a trained proctor securely monitors their activities.

To qualify for online GED testing, test-takers first must take the GED Ready test and reach scores in the “green” range (likely to pass) within the last 60 days. The 4 GED subtests are independent modules, and there is a GED Ready test for each GED subtest.

The GED Ready practice test is about half the length of the real test, and it is the only practice test that can predict if you’re likely to pass the real thing or if you need more preparation. You can buy the GED Ready test on the website for 6.99 each.

Onsego’s Advantage students will receive four GED Ready tests for free!

How To Register For The GED Test

If you want to take the GED exam, you’ll have to set up your account on the website of GED Testing Service, You’ll have to submit your name, email address, mailing address, date of birth, desired test location, and enrollment status.

Please learn all about the qualification requirements in your state. The GED test is a state-specific exam, and regulations may vary slightly. Most states require GED test-takers to be at least 16 years of age, but usually, 16- and 17-year-olds have to meet additional requirements such as parental consent and permission from their school districts. Check also our page about GED testing requirements in your state.

GED Test Cost

GED is short for General Educational Development. The exam is for persons who did not complete their high school education. The GED exam includes 4 independent sub-exams that cover math, language, social studies, and science. Upon successful completion of the four GED sub-exams, test-takers will receive a credential that is all across North America accepted in the same way as a regular high school degree.

The GED test is made up of four individually priced sub-exams that, in most states, will set you back around $144 for the entire a-test battery or $36 per individual sub-exam. Four states (West Virginia, Maine, New York, and Connecticut) offer the exam at no cost to state residents, some states subsidize the exam partially, and more and more states offer free GED testing to first-time testers. You have the option to pay for each subject test separately, or you can choose to pay for all four subtests at once.

So, the cost for the GED exam varies from state to state, and if you want to learn how much the exam costs in your state, check out the linked page. Keep also in mind that online GED testing is (in practically all states) more expensive than taking the exam at a test center, and don’t forget that, to qualify for the online GED test, you’ll need to attain sufficient scores on four GED Ready tests, and that’s another $28!