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Often, holding a high school or GED diploma is a requirement for employment, job promotion, or receiving a higher salary.

Then, many people will be looking for a fast way to pass the GED® test and receive a GED diploma. If you are faced with this kind of issue, keep reading. In this post, we address two ways of speeding up your GED prep with online GED classes from Onsego.


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First of all, you need to know that you’ll get your GED diploma only if you reach the minimum required score (145) on all four GED subject tests.

There is no averaging option. The four GED independent sub-exams cover Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math.

You can sit for the GED exam at a testing center near you or opt-in for the online GED test if you meet the qualification requirements.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll need to create an account on the website and review all the requirements to schedule your exam. You can take the four sub-exams one (or more) at a time.


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Bear in mind, however, that if you want to take the four GED sub-exams online at your home, you’ll first need to attain ‘likely to pass’ scores (in the green zone) on the official GED Ready® practice test.

For each GED module, there’s a GED Ready test, so you’ll have to purchase four of these practice tests and attain sufficient scores before you can schedule your tests online! The GED Ready tests can be purchased on the website at $6.99 each.

If you sign up for Onsego’s “Advantage” plan, four GED Ready tests will be included for free.

The GED exam is state-specific, and in most states, there are no requirements to take prep classes or a practice test before you can schedule your GED test, so in theory, you can pass the tests in 1 or 2 days. But in real life, it rarely works that way.

The GED exam is a highly challenging series of tests, and proper preparation is the key to your success. When you choose any of Onsego’s GED prep plans, you can be sure that the lessons are short and to the point. So if you have time to study for some 2-3 hours each week, you may well be ready for the four GED sub-exams in a 1-2 month period of time.

The Faster Way

Now, in case you would like to shorten your preparation time and earn your GED diploma even faster, we have a great solution for you:

  • Score Booster Service 

It includes, of course, our complete GED prep but all of our GED Skills Builders and, what’s more important, guidance from our instructors. You get

  • Regular sessions with your Instructors to review your performance. Our experts analyze your diagnostic test results, create a customized study plan, and assign new resources just for you. You decide when and how often you get feedback.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Test: This in-depth assessment identifies the specific areas where you can gain those critical extra points on your GED test.
  • Personalized Resources: Based on your diagnostic test and instructor feedback, you’ll receive new resources prepared to fill in any remaining knowledge gaps.

We also rely on the GED Ready Reports because they clearly indicate which subject fields require your attention most to be successful on the real test. But additionally, you’ll learn which fields you command sufficiently so you won’t have to waste your precious time on things you already know.

So you can focus fully on the Onsego lessons that your GED Ready Report suggests. The Onsego GED prep classes align with this report and will provide the appropriate course material. That’s efficient and secure.

If you can concentrate only on the subject matter that requires your attention, chances are you’ll be able to sit for the four GED modules much faster. But, of course, it all depends on your knowledge and skill level.

Get Well-Prepared

GED Testing Service reports that only around 55 percent of students pass any of the four GED sub-exams on the first try. And what’s worse, those who fail are usually missing the passing score by a mere 1, 2, or 3 points. And while this may sound like pretty good news, in reality, GED students who fail will lose their motivation to never try to earn a GED again.

That’s why getting optimally prepared for the GED exam is so important. Being well-prepared means you took all of the lessons and all of the practice tests, and if you are an Onsego student, you took the GED Ready practice test as well, as they are included if you purchased the full course (Advantage).

Being prepared means you have built up your confidence and can be sure you’ll reach passing scores on the four independent GED modules. Onsego’s Advantage plan includes the highly respected “Quitting Protection System” as well.

Onsego’s lessons are short, bite-sized pieces of information presented in an easy-to-digest way, so you won’t get overwhelmed or bored by the study material. However, the greatest hurdle on the way to your GED diploma is the “quitting” factor. Many students give up learning to never return. And that’s exactly where our Quitting Protection System kicks in.

Choose the Onsego GED Prep Course, and you’ll get an accredited online GED prep program that not only covers everything that’s on the GED exam but also will protect you from quitting. Additionally, if you purchase any of our Advantage plans, you’ll receive four GED Ready tests (a $28 value) for free.