Why Covcel Is Now Onsego

Covcel is now Onsego – Why change the name?

Covcel was a name that often was associated with COVID-19, and we received many messages with questions about the disease, vaccination, masks, etc. So we decided to change the name.


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Why Onsego? Well, Onsego is a short name that is easy to spell, and we believe it sounds friendly. We continue to provide effective online GED classes and help you to get your GED® diploma fast.

What happens to my account and my progress?

We’ve automatically transferred all your learning progress into Onsego, so you can start using the new system today and pick up exactly where you left off.

How do I get access to my account?

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1.    You can type: Covcel.com, and you will be redirected to the Onsego Login page.
2.    You can also visit onsego.com.
3.    Click on the Login option at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
4.    Enter the same email and password as you used to access Covcel.com.
(If you’ve forgotten your password click the Forgotten Password link to reset your password.)

Are you still the same company?

Yes, we are still the same company and team. We haven’t sold the company, and our team hasn’t changed.
It means you’ll still get the same great customer support, and we are always focused on adding new features and making the courses even better.