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Onsego offers online prep classes for the GED test. The GED test is provided by GED Testing Service, and you can schedule it on While the test is the same in every state, some requirements might be specific to the state you live in.

Keep in mind that not all states continued with the GED® (General Education Development) exam. Some states decided to change to the HiSET.

Preparing for the test is vital; therefore, we list not only requirements but also online classes and traditional in-person schools.

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There are more than 25,000 prep locations listed on this website that offer preparation for the GED (General Education Development) exam or the HiSET alternative.

Two High School Equivalency Options

There are two high school equivalency tests available, the GED and HiSET. There are also states that provide free GED or HiSET testing.

Every state offers high school equivalency testing, and it used to be that all these tests had to be taken in person at state-designated testing sites as taking the GED or HiSET exam online was, until recently, not possible.

Now, you can take both the GED and the HiSET online as well. An online proctor will monitor your test-taking and check if all goes according to the rules.

Online proctored GED and HiSET testing

Recently, we’ve seen the introduction of online testing options for both the GED and HiSET exams. You must have a reliable internet connection, and an online proctor will help you through the online testing process and check if you do it all according to the rules.

GED test – what’s new

Just about every ten years, we see an upgrade of the program to bring the GED test in line with the expectations and requirements of industries and institutions of higher learning. A few years back, we witnessed the greatest modification to the test in its 75 + year history.

In January 2014, the most significant overall change in the test’s progression took place, and the biggest change was that you no longer could take the test in paper-and-pencil format; everything now needs to be done via a computer-based system.

This only counts for the GED. The HiSET exams are available both on paper and on a computer in most states. In New Jersey, all three options are only offered on a computer.

In the GED exam, technological advancements and other innovations were integrated to bring the exam up to par with Common Core Standards and the changed requirements and expectations of industry and colleges.

The GED exam is completely computer-based and includes four subtests that can be taken (and paid for) individually. The five HiSET subtests can also be taken separately. So now you know how to learn all about the GED test by state!