New Hampshire GED Online

In New Hampshire, students have the option to take the GED exam online.

New Hampshire also uses the HiSET® exam for HSE (high school equivalency) testing purposes. To be eligible for taking the GED® exam online, students must first attain sufficient scores on the GED Ready® practice test.


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To register for the GED test, setting up an account with is required.

The GED exam is a challenging assessment, and proper preparation is definitely required.

New Hampshire GED Online Price

The GED exam is not available online in New Hampshire. At a test center, the GED exam costs $36 per subject test, so $144 in total. You can learn about GED qualification requirements in New Hampshire in this post.

Students looking to take the GED test online must keep in mind that, in order to qualify, they first need to reach passing scores on four GED Ready practice tests (one for each GED module). That’s another $28!


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Onsego’s Advantage Plan students receive four GED Ready tests free as that’s included in their plans!

New Hampshire GED Online Classes

Onsego has developed a complete GED prep course that is also a great solution for students looking to pass the GED exam. The program comes with online GED online classes (including quizzes) and many sample questions and practice tests.

Onsego’s comprehensive program offers you a great opportunity to take on the GED challenge fast and efficiently. The course includes short, bite-sized lessons that address one GED topic at a time. You can watch these short, engaging lessons anywhere and anytime you have a few minutes free.

The course covers all GED content, and it will also teach you a few very effective strategies to find correct answers to complicated GED questions. The course is great for any student-no matter their age or preparation level.

Additionally, Onsego’s lessons and practice tests will indicate which GED subject matter you already command and which fields require your attention most to attain good scores. Knowing what subjects you should focus on makes your studying more time-efficient as you don’t need to waste your time on things you already command.

What’s On The GED Exam?

The GED (General Education Development) exam contains four separate sub-exams that measure knowledge of math, science, social studies, and English Language. GED testing must be done on a computer.

The four GED separate subtests can be taken one at a time and in any order you prefer.

How To Prepare For The GED Exam

Becoming as prepared as you possibly can is crucial for success on the GED exam. You may prefer to attend a physical class at one of New Hampshire’s prep sites, or you can use books from your local library.

You may also sign up for a good and well-structured online GED prep course like the accredited Onsego course. The contents of the HiSET and GED exams are quite similar, so you may very well benefit from Onsego’s prep course. Online studying allows you to learn where and when you want. No matter how you prefer to study, becoming all geared up for the New Hampshire GED test is a MUST.

It’s About YOUR Future

Holders of a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent diploma) generally make some $9,600 more per year than people who do not. As said before, the GED is a very challenging exam, and becoming fully prepared is absolutely needed.

All over New Hampshire, you can find numerous locations that offer prep classes, and there are some pretty good courses on the Internet as well.

Regardless of whether you dropped out recently or quit high school many years ago, getting your high school equivalency credential will get you far better employment options, and the degree is also your ticket to a college education.

Notice: Onsego is highly committed to offering exceptional online GED courses. We present the information here to support your preparation journey. However, confirming this information with official sources is essential for accuracy.