New Jersey GED Online

In New Jersey, GED students can take the GED exam also online. However, they only qualify for online GED testing if they reach “Likely To Pass” scores (in the “green” zone) on the official GED Ready practice test.

The GED® exam comes with four independent, modular subtests, and for each of these subtests, there’s a GED Ready® test. The students need to purchase these practice tests on the website at $6.99 each.


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Students who register for Onsego will receive 4 GED Ready tests for free, a $28 value!

To take the GED exam or the GED Ready tests, creating an account on the website is required.

Keep in mind that the four GED subtests are quite challenging assessments, so proper preparation is absolutely required for success on the exams.

New Jersey GED Online Price

Students who take the New Jersey GED exam in an online format pay $36 per subtest or $144 overall. You should, however, count the cost of four GED Ready tests ($28) as well, which brings your total to $172.

Online GED Classes

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Onsego Advantage students, however, get four GED Ready vouchers for free!

Students who sit for the GED exam at one of New Jersey’s state-designated testing centers pay $144 for the full exam (or $36 for each subtest).

New Jersey GED Online Classes

Onsego provides a complete GED preparatory program that GED Testing Service, the designer-publisher of the GED test, qualifies as 100% aligned with the current, computer-formatted GED test, a predicate that is awarded to only 20 courses.

Onsego’s extensive GED prep course comes with many GED online classes that include engaging video lessons, sample questions, and lots of practice tests. Onsego’s online GED classes help you to take on the GED challenge fast and efficiently.

The lessons are short, bite-sized, and highly engaging. Each single GED topic is addressed and explained in easy-to-understand terms, and you can watch these short lessons whenever you’ve got some free time.

These short lessons make sure you won’t get hooked up in some complicated GED subject matter because they cover one subject topic at a time in clear language.

Everything that’s on the GED exam is covered, and there are also some amazing, very useful courses that teach you techniques and strategies to come up with the correct answers—no matter the subject.

So, the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be working toward your GED diploma and achieving the brighter future you deserve!

GED Scoring

Your GED scores are calibrated on a 100-200 scoring scale. The GED passing score is 145, and this counts for all four subtests. Passing score ranges are as follows: 145-164 equals high school level, 165-174 indicates you’re college-ready, and a 175-200 score will bring you also up to 10 college credits, depending on the college and the subject. There’s no averaging, so you are required to reach the 145 score on each subtest. No exceptions!

What’s On The GED Exam?

The GED exam is made up of four modules (independent subtests) that you can take one test at a time and in any preferred order. The GED testing fields are English Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Social Studies, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), and Science.

In New Jersey, the GED test, regardless of whether you take the exam online or at a test center, is given in a computer-based format. There’s no paper-based GED exam available in the state. For eligibility requirements in New Jersey, check out this page.

How To Prepare For The GED Exam

All across New Jersey, there are facilities where you can get properly prepared, and online programs may provide great learning opportunities as well.  You will also find study materials at your community library, and the local bookstore will also have prep books for your High School Equivalency exam.

Today, there are also quite a few well-structured online GED preparatory programs available, such as the accredited online GED classes from Onsego that will get you ready for success on the GED test fast and efficiently. Online learning is a perfect option for students with busy schedules and those living in remote areas.

How To Register For The GED Exam

As said earlier, to take the GED exam (both online or at a test center), you need to register at and set up your account with the portal MyGED. This also counts for the GED Ready practice test. The portal MyGED is the place where you can learn all about GED testing, how to schedule your testing appointments, and to make payment for the exam or the GED Ready tests.

There is also a ton of interesting and useful information about everything related to GED testing, colleges and universities and their academic programs, and developments in the employment market. Onsego’s program also includes many pages with valuable information on everything related to the GED test, the job market, and college after you’ve earned your GED diploma.

Attention: Onsego, one of America’s leading developers of online GED courses, aims to equip provide useful and accurate information. Nonetheless, we suggest you check the information in this post against official GED test information to ensure accuracy.