New Jersey GED Requirements

The state of New Jersey offers two options to acquire your high school equivalency diploma. Not only uses New Jersey the GED exam, but testing centers can also use the alternatives HiSET exam.

The New Jersey High School Equivalency Diploma is equivalent to a standard high school diploma and accepted as such by virtually all US employers, schools of higher education, and government organizations.

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Both the GED® and the HiSET® must be taken in a computer-based format in New Jersey. The TASC exam is no longer available in New Jersey since the assessment was discontinued.

New Jersey GED testing requirements

  • Applicants can not already hold a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent degree).
  • Applicants can not be registered for another education program.
  • The minimum age in New Jersey is 16.
  • 16 and 17-year olds only qualify if they meet additional strict criteria. They must, for instance, have permission from their school boards and a parent or guardian.
  • High School Equivalency testing in New Jersey is only for state residents.
  • Test-takers don’t need to take the GED Ready® first or the HiSET Official Practice Test (OPT) first.

New Jersey GED online

If you want to take the online GED test, you need to reach a “Likely To Pass” (in the “green” zone) result on the GED Ready test. For each of the four GED subtests, there is a GED Ready test that you can be purchase on the website (at $6.99 each).

If you want to sit for the New Jersey GED exam at one of the state’s GED testing centers, you won’t have to take the GED Ready test. That only counts if you take the online GED test. A similar system applies to the HiSET exam.

New Jersey GED price

In New Jersey, the GED exam costs $120 (or $30 for each subtest, if you take the exam at a testing facility. If you take the online proctored GED exam, you’ll have to pay $36 per subtest, so $144 overall. You should count as well the cost of four GED Ready tests that you are required to take ($28 in total).

New Jersey HiSET price

The New Jersey HiSET exam will set you back $103.75. In most states that use this alternative, there is also a (more expensive) paper-based option available, but New Jersey decided to allow only computer-formatted versions of the high school equivalency tests.

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GED scoring

The GED exam passing score is 145 on each of the four subtests. 145-164 equals high school level, 165-174 indicates you’re college-ready and a 175-200 score will bring you also up to 10 college credits depending on the college and the subject.

The passing score (145 points) counts for each of the four subject tests. There is no averaging so you are required to reach this score on each subtest. No exceptions!

HiSET scoring

The HiSET exam requires you to attain at least a score of 8 (out of 20) on each subtest, your overall result for the five tests must be no less than 45, and your essay score needs to be at least 2 (out of 6).

Not only will the credential that you receive upon completing one of the three exams result in far better-paying employment options (holders of the degree will make some $9,500 more per year than workers without the degree), it will also give you the chance to earn a college degree to work towards a brighter future!

What’s on the GED test?

The GED exam has four modules (independent subtests) that you can take one test at a time and this also applies to the five HiSET subtests. The GED testing fields are Language (Reasoning through Language Arts), Social Studies, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), and Science.

The HiSET is also modular (meaning you can take the sub-exams one or more at a time) and this option has five subtests as the Language section includes separate reading and writing tests.

Only computer-based testing in New Jersey

In New Jersey, both High School Equivalency tests must be taken in a computer-based format. This actually makes sense because you won’t find many jobs anymore that will not require some sort of computer and keyboarding literacy.

As said earlier, in most states, the HiSET alternative is offered both on paper and on a computer, but New Jersey decided that in the state, only computer-based testing is possible.

Testing centers are deciding which of the exams they will use, so check with a testing site near you for details. Not all New Jersey test centers offer both options.

How to prepare for the GED test

All across New Jersey, there are facilities where you can get properly prepared, and online programs may provide great learning opportunities as well.  You will also find study materials at your community library and the local bookstore will also have prep books for your High School Equivalency exam.

Today, there are also quite a few well-structured online GED preparatory programs available, such as the premium GED Prep Course created by ONSEGO that will get you ready for success on the GED test fast and efficiently. Online learning is a perfect option for students with busy schedules and those living in remote areas.

How to register for the GED exam

To take the GED exam (both online and at test centers), you need to register at and set up your account with the portal MyGED. This is the place where you can learn all about GED testing, how to schedule your testing appointments and to make payment for the exam.

There is also a ton of interesting and useful information about everything related to GED testing, colleges and universities and their academic programs, and developments on the employment market. For the HiSET exams, a similar online registration system applies.