Tennessee GED Requirements

In Tennessee, you can earn your GED diploma if you pass the four subject tests that make up the GED exam.

Students can take the four separate GED® subtests online or at one of Tennessee’s testing centers.


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To register for the GED exam, candidates need to set up an account on the website GED.com.

Getting optimally prepared for the GED exam is crucial, and usually, students will require a few months to get optimally prepared to take the GED exam successfully.

Tennessee GED Requirements

  • You cannot have a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent diploma).
  • You cannot be signed up for another school program
  • You are at least 17 years old.
  • However, 17-year-olds must meet some pretty strict additional criteria. They must, for example, have parental consent and school district permission.
  • Underage testers must submit a completed “HSE Recommendation for 17-Year-Old Students” form signed by a parent/legal guardian and the superintendent or designee of the school they last attended. Home school applicants must have a parent complete and sign the Underage Student HSE Recommendation form.
  • There is no state residency requirement in Tennessee.
  • In Tennessee, you don’t need first to take and pass the GED Ready practice test or attend a prep course.

Tennessee GED Price

In Tennessee, if you take the computer-based GED exam at one of Tennessee’s state-designated testing centers, you’ll pay $36 per subject, so $144 in total. Paper-based testing is not available.

The price of the GED Online Exam is also $36 per subject, so 144 in total, but you’ll also have to take into account the almost $28 for four GED Ready practice tests that you’ll have to pass to qualify for online testing. You may also want to check out this page that informs about the online Tennessee GED exam.


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FAQ About GED In Tennessee

How to get a GED diploma in Tennessee?

Tennessee uses the GED exam for its high school equivalency program. If you want to earn your GED diploma in Tennessee, you’ll have to take and pass the four subtests that are included in the GED exam. The four subjects cover the content areas of Science, English Language Literacy, Social Studies, and Math.

What are the Tennessee GED testing requirements?

The Tennessee GED test is available to adult learners who have never completed high school. To qualify, students must be at least 17 years old, though 17-year-olds qualify only if they meet specific extra criteria. State residency is not required, and test-takers are not required to first attain sufficient scores on the GED Ready Practice Test.

What is the GED cost in Tennessee?

The Tennessee GED test costs $144 for testers who take the computer-based GED exam online. The same price applies to on-site testing. There is no need to take the entire GED battery in one take. You can register and pay for and take the four GED subtests one at a time.

Please keep in mind that, in order to qualify for online GED testing, you’ll also have to purchase four GED Ready tests at $6.99 each at GED.com. The GED test costs may be covered by vouchers for students signed up for one of Tennessee’s official local adult education (AE) programs.

Disclaimer: Onsego offers an exceptional GED learning online experience. While the information in this post aims to inform you correctly, cross-verifying with official GED sources is suggested to ensure accuracy.