South Carolina GED Online

In South Carolina, students cannot take the GED exam online. To get your GED diploma, you need to show up in person at a South Carolina test center and sit for the exam face-to-face.

You can, however, very well prepare for the GED exam with the help of a good online course and online GED classes.

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There are South Carolina students who take the four GED sub-exams online in a neighboring state that doesn’t have any residency requirements.

To register for the GED exam, test-takers need to go online and create an account on the website.

South Carolina GED Test Price

In South Carolina, the four GED subtests cost $43.50 when taken over the Internet ($174 in total). But since you first have to reach passing scores on four GED Ready tests ($6.99 each), you may as well add $28 to your total: $202.

For students who purchase an Onsego Advantage course, four free GED Ready vouchers are included in the plan for free.

Online GED Classes

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When taken at a South Carolina test center, the four GED tests cost $37.50 each, meaning the entire exam will set you back $150.

South Carolina GED Online Classes

Onsego provides a complete GED prep program, including many GED online classes, quizzes, and many practice tests. The online GED classes work with short, bite-sized video lessons that will help you take on the GED challenge and succeed. You can learn with these engaging lessons whenever and from wherever you like.

Onsego’s prep course addresses all GED content and teaches you fine strategies and interesting techniques to produce the correct answers to even the most difficult GED questions.

The sooner you’ll start out on your GED journey, the sooner you’ll be working toward a better and brighter future for yourself and your loved ones.

What’s on the GED test?

The GED contains four individual, independent subtests that cover the academic subject areas of Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Science.

The GED exam is a modular assessment, meaning you can take (and pay for) one of the subtests (modules) at a time. No need to register for, or pay for, the entire exam all at once. You should also read this page about the South Carolina GED test qualification requirements.

GED Scoring

The four GED subtests are measured on a 100-200 scale. The required minimum score is 145 on each subtest. The high school equivalency score is 145-164. The 165-174 range indicates you are college-ready. If your score is in the 175-200 range, you will additionally get up to 10 college credits.

The GED exam gives adults who couldn’t complete their high school education the chance to earn a credential that is all over North America recognized as equivalent to a standard high school diploma.

How To Register For The South Carolina GED Test

To sit for the GED exam, you must set up an account on the website The portal MyGED is the place for registration, payments, and test scheduling. Everything must be done online at the website

When you have set up your account, you will be guided through all processes efficiently. This is also the place to get informed about college programs, the job market, and, of course, everything related to GED testing.

Get Well-Prepared

In South Carolina, you are not required to take a GED prep course, but the GED is a very challenging exam, so getting optimally prepared is the key to your success!

All over South Carolina, you can find numerous locations where you can get all set for one of the exams, and you can also sign up for a well-structured online GED prep course such as the online GED classes from Onsego. Online learning offers you the chance to study where and when you prefer.

Computer-Based GED Testing

The General Education Development (GED) exam is entirely computer-based, and this actually makes a lot of sense because, in the contemporary workplace, there’s hardly any job that will not require some sort of computer and/or keyboarding literacy.

If you hold the South Carolina HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma, you will surely get better job options, and the diploma also qualifies you for a university or college education.