South Dakota GED Online

In South Dakota, the GED exam can also be taken online. To qualify for this version of the GED exam, the candidates must attain “likely-to-pass” scores (in the “green” zone) on the GED Ready practice test.

The GED® exam contains four independent sub-exams, and there’s a GED Ready® test for each of the four subject tests. The candidates need to buy the GED Ready tests on the official website of GED testing Service,, for $6.99 each.


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To register for the GED exam and the GED Ready test, the candidates must open an account online at

South Dakota GED Online Price

In South Dakota, taking the four GED sub-exams will cost you $50.00 per individual subtest, regardless of whether you take the tests at a testing facility or in an online format, so $200 in total.

Keep in mind, however, that online testing requires you first to take four GED Ready tests and reach satisfactory scores. There are four GED Ready tests, so that will set you back another $28 if you take the exam online, totaling $228.

Students who choose one of Onsego’s Advantage Plans, however, will get four GED Ready vouchers for free.


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South Dakota GED Online Classes

Onsego has designed a complete online GED preparatory program with numerous short online GED classes (with quizzes) and a lot of useful practice tests for test-takers of all ages and of all levels of prior education and preparation.

We have made studying for the GED exam easy by providing short, bite-sized lessons that explain all GED topics in an engaging and easy-to-follow way. There’s no need to worry about getting lost in some complex GED subject as the explanations are clear and to the point.

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What’s on the GED test?

The four independent GED subtests (modules) cover the academic subject areas of Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

The GED exam is exclusively available in a computer-based format. Paper-based testing is a thing of the past. Actually, computer-based testing makes a lot of sense, as most jobs today ask for at least basic keyboarding and computer skills. Read also this article about South Dakota qualification requirements.

GED Scoring

The four GED subtests are measured on a 100-200 scale, where 145 is the passing score. A score between 145 and 164 indicates high school equivalency, a 165-174 score indicates college readiness and a score between 175 and 200 will additionally result in extra college credits.

The GED diploma is, all across North America, accepted just like a regular high school diploma by employers and schools of higher education. Holders of the GED degree will surely qualify for better jobs, and they can go on with their academic education in university or college.

How To Prepare For The GED Exam

South Dakota doesn’t require you to take a GED prep course first. But since the GED is a challenging exam, you should really consider attending a prep class near you or signing up for a well-structured online prep course such as the online GED classes from Onsego. Online learning allows you to study where and when you prefer.

How Do I Register For The GED Exam?

To be able to sit for the four GED subtests, you must create an account on The online portal MyGED is the place for scheduling your test appointments and making payments.

If you require some accommodation, please apply so in a timely manner via the website or ask your school district or a GED testing center near you for advice and support.

Your Future

Workers with a GED or high school diploma make at least $9,600 more annually than workers without a secondary education degree. Across the nation and beyond, the GED diploma is recognized as equivalent to a standard HS diploma and accepted as such by educational institutions and employers.

Attention: Onsego’s leading online GED prep courses aim to provide you with useful and accurate information. However, it is important to check the provided information in this post with official GED test sources to guarantee correctness and accuracy.