South Carolina GED Requirements

In South Carolina, you’ll receive your GED diploma if you pass the four subtests of the GED exam. You can write the South Carolina GED test in a state-designated test center or online.

To take the four GED® sub-exams or the GED Ready® tests, you must create an account on the website, the official website of GED Testing Service.


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Becoming well-prepared for the GED exam is essential. The exam is a challenging assessment. On average, GED candidates require at least 2 to 3 months to get sufficiently prepared and take the exam successfully.

South Carolina GED Requirements

  • In South Carolina, the minimum age to qualify for the GED exam is 17.
  • Applicants 17 and 18 years old, however, need to meet additional strict criteria. They must, for example, have parental consent and permission from their school districts.
  • Applicants must be South Carolina residents.
  • Applicants don’t have a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • Applicants are not registered for any other school program.
  • South Carolina does not require applicants first to attend a prep program or reach satisfactory results on a practice test, but online GED testers must first pass four GED Ready tests to qualify.

South Carolina GED Test Price

In South Carolina, the four GED subtests cost $37.50 each when taken at a test center, so that’ll set you back $150 for the full battery.

The South Carolina online GED test costs $43.50 per subtest, so $174 in total. However, because you’ll have to pass four GED Ready tests to qualify for online testing, you may as well add these costs ($28 in total).

So, that’ll set you back $28 on top of the regular testing fees. As said, there are four GED Ready tests, one for each of the four GED sub-exams, that you must buy on the website for $6.99 each.

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The Online GED Test

In most states, the GED exam can now be taken in an online format as well by eligible students. It used to be that to take the GED exam, test-takers had to come to an official GED testing site. The online GED exam is, however, not offered in New York.

So, in most states, that has changed with the arrival of the online (OP) GED exam. As stated earlier, to qualify for online GED testing, test-takers must attain “green” scores (likely to pass) on the GED Ready practice test. More details are found here: The online GED test.

FAQ About GED In South Carolina

How to get a GED in South Carolina?

People looking to get hold of their GED high school equivalency credential in South Carolina must pass the four independent tests that make up the GED exam. The four subtests (modules) are fully computer-based and cover the subject areas of Social Studies, Science, Language, and Mathematics. In South Carolina, you must sit for the GED tests at a state-designated testing center. Check here to learn about Online GED Testing In South Carolina.

What are the South Carolina GED testing requirements?

The GED test gives adults without a high school diploma a chance to earn an equivalent degree. In South Carolina, test-takers must be state residents of at least 16 years old. Applicants 16, 17, or 18 years of age, however, are only eligible for GED testing if they meet some additional, strict requirements. In South Carolina, GED test-takers do not have to take a GED prep course or attain sufficient scores on a practice test first, except when they take the GED exam online.

What is the GED cost in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, the GED test costs $150 for the entire battery or $37.50 per individual subtest when taken at a testing site. If you want to take the test online, however, you pay $43.50 per subject (so (174 overall), but you should also count the cost of four GED Ready practice tests, $28, on top of that. Onsego Advantage students will get four GED Ready tests for free.

GED test-takers have the option to take and pay for one (or more) of the four tests at a time. To register for the exam and to schedule the tests, applicants must create an account online at

Alert: Onsego focuses on top-tier online GED preparation. The information on this page is intended to support your GED learning journey. However, validating these details with official GED sources is strongly recommended for up-to-date accuracy.