Wyoming GED Requirements

In Wyoming, students will get their GED diploma if they pass the subtests of the GED exam. These subtests are available only at Wyoming’s GED testing centers.

To register for the GED® exam or for the GED Ready® official practice tests, the students must create an account via the GED.com website.

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The GED exam is fully computer-based and includes four individual subtests in these subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Social studies, and Science.

Wyoming GED Testing Requirements

  • Test-takers are not allowed to hold a high school diploma already.
  • Test-takers are not allowed to be signed up for any other school program.
  • In Wyoming, applicants must be at least 16 years old
  • 16 and 17-year-olds need to meet some strict, additional criteria. They must, for example, have permission from their school board and hold parental consent.
  • Wyoming does not require state residency, so the Wyoming GED exam is also open to non-residents as well.
  • In Wyoming, there’s no requirement first to attain passing scores on the GED Ready test, but this only applies to testing in a test center.

Wyoming GED Price

In Wyoming, when taken at a test center, each GED subtest costs $26 (so $104 in total).

When taking the GED exam online in another state, you should also count the additional cost of taking four GED Ready tests ($28).

To be eligible for online GED testing, you must first reach passing scores (in the “green” or “likely-to-pass” range) on the GED Ready test.

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There’s one GED Ready test for each GED subtest, so four in total, that you need to buy on the GED.com website at $6.99 each. Members of Onsego Advantage get four GED Ready vouchers at no cost.

Wyoming GED Online Classes

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Online GED

Taking the GED exam online is not an option in Wyoming. To take the exam online, you’ll have to do it in a state that has no residency requirement.

In many states, until recently, applicants were required to come personally to an official test center if they wanted to earn a GED diploma. Well, that’s a thing of the past, as we recently saw the introduction of the online GED exam. You can learn more here: Online GED testing.

FAQ About GED In Wyoming

How to get a GED in Wyoming?

To get your High School Equivalency Diploma in Wyoming, you’ll have to pass the four computer-formatted subtests of the GED test. The four academic subject fields covered are Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and English Language Arts. See also this page about the online Wyoming GED test.

What are the Wyoming GED testing requirements?

The GED exam gives adults who have never completed their high school education the chance to acquire an equivalent degree. In Wyoming, there’s no state residency requirement, nor do test-takers first have to sign up for a prep course or reach sufficient scores on a practice test when taking the exam at a test center. In Wyoming, applicants must be 16 years old or older, though 16 and 17-year-olds are required to meet additional, strict requirements.

What is the GED cost in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, the full GED exam will set you back $104 (or $26 per sub-exam) when taken at a physical testing site. Online GED testing is not available. When testing online in another state, you should also add $28 since you’ll have to buy and pass four GED Ready tests to qualify for online GED testing. That will add up to $172 overall. Onsego Advantage members receive four free GED Ready vouchers.

Notice: Onsego is focused on providing exceptional online GED courses. We present the information in this post to help you on your GED preparation journey. However, confirming the above-listed details with official GED sources is essential for accuracy.