Wisconsin GED Requirements

In Wisconsin, you can earn a Wisconsin GED diploma by passing the four subtests of the GED exam. GED testing is possible online or at an official Wisconsin GED test facility.

To register for the GED® exam or the GED Ready® tests, you must set up your account online at GED.com.


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Wisconsin GED Requirements

  • Applicants cannot already have a high school diploma.
  • Applicants cannot be signed up for another educational program.
  • In Wisconsin, the minimum age for GED testing is 17.
  • Under-age applicants (17-18.5 years old) must meet strict additional criteria such as obtaining parental consent and having permission from their school districts.
  • The Wisconsin GED exam is only open to state residents.
  • In Wisconsin, you do not first have to take the GED Ready Practice Test if you take the exam at a test center.
  • Test-takers must also pass the 100-question Wisconsin Constitution Test. Contact a GED test center for more details.

Wisconsin GED Price

The four Wisconsin GED subtests will set you back $159 in total or $39.75 per individual section. This counts both when you take the exam at a traditional test center or in an online format, the Online Proctored (OP) GED test.

If you take the Wisconsin GED test online, though, you should also add the cost of four GED Ready tests, $28, which totals $187 overall.

To be eligible for online GED testing, you first need to reach “green” scores (in the likely-to-pass range) on the GED Ready official practice test. These are four GED Ready tests (one for each of the GED sub-exams) that you must buy at GED.com for $6.99 each.

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Online GED Exam

So, GED testing is now also possible over the Internet. In the past, students who wanted to acquire a GED diploma needed to show up at an official Wisconsin GED test facility and sit for the exam in person, but those days are gone.

To qualify for the online GED exam, test-takers need to have attained “green scores” on the GED Ready practice test. Check our post -> The online GED test for more details.

FAQ About GED In Wisconsin

How to get a GED in Wisconsin?

If you are looking to earn your GED high school equivalency (HSE) diploma in Wisconsin, you need to take and pass the four independent subtests (modules) of the GED test. The four tests cover Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Math. The GED is available exclusively in a computer-based format.

What are the Wisconsin GED testing requirements?

The GED test offers adults who couldn’t complete their high school education the opportunity to secure an equivalent degree. In Wisconsin, test-takers must be 17 years old or older, and to qualify, they must first pass the GED Ready practice test. Applicants 17 and up to 18.5 years old only qualify if they meet additional requirements. The Wisconsin GED test is only open to state residents. To receive their GED diplomas, testers must also pass a Civics Test.

What is the GED cost in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the full GED exam costs $159 (or $39.75 per subtest), both when you write the exam at a brick-and-mortar testing facility or online. However, when taking the GED test online, you should count the cost of four GED Ready tests as well ($28), totaling it all to $187. Onsego’s Advantage students receive 4 GED Ready tests for free.

You can register for, pay for, and sit for the four GED modules one at a time if you wish. To register for and schedule the tests, you need to create an account online at the website GED.com.

Disclaimer: Onsego specializes in top-quality online GED education. We provide the information on this page for your benefit, but we strongly encourage you to verify its accuracy with official GED sources.