Missouri GED Requirements

In Missouri, to receive a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma, you must pass the four sub-exams of the GED test. You can take the exam online or at a state-certified Missouri testing center.

To take the GED test, applicants must register at GED.com.


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Missouri GED Testing Requirements

To earn their Missouri Certificates of High School Equivalence, students need to be Missouri residents with a valid Missouri mailing address. They are required to meet at least the following criteria:

  • Be at least seventeen (17) years of age;
  • Be enrolled in a school program but are qualifying as participants in a state-approved Missouri Option Program for at-risk youth;
  • Be withdrawn from high school but have completed 16 credit units toward high school graduation, and hold written and signed course completion confirmation from the superintendents of the schools where they earned recent high school graduation credits, or
  • If they are home-schooled, meet the requirements of section 167.031, RSMo, for coursework instruction, and also hold written permission from one of the parents or the legal guardian.
  • You are not required to first take and pass the GED Ready® practice test (except when testing online). You are also not required to attend a prep course first.

Missouri  GED Price

In Missouri, the GED exam costs $33 per sub-exam ($132 in total) if you write the exam at a testing site. An annual $10 fee for the state applies as well.

When taken online, the full exam will cost you $144 ($36 per module), excluding an annual $10 fee for the state. Both the GED and HiSET sub-exams are independent modules that may be written one at a time and in any wished order.


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FAQ about GED in Missouri

How to get a GED diploma in Missouri?

Missouri is using both the GED exam for high school equivalency testing. To earn the Missouri HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma, you’ll need to pass the four GED individual sub-tests. The four GED modules (independent sub-exams) cover the subject areas of Math, English Language, Social Studies, and Science.

What are the Missouri GED testing requirements?

The GED exam is for adults who have never finished high school. To qualify for the Missouri GED exam, students under 17 years old must have completed no less than 16 units of credit toward their high school graduation. In Missouri, students must be state residents to earn a high school equivalency certificate, and test-takers are not required to pass a GED Practice Test unless they take the exam online.

What is the GED cost in Missouri?

The Missouri GED exam is $33 per module when written at a test center ($132 in total), but you’ll have to pay a $10 state fee as well. When taken online, the full Missouri GED test costs $144 ($36 per module), excluding an annual $10 state fee. Onsego’s Advantage plans include four GED Ready vouchers for free, a $28 value!

Disclaimer: At Onsego, our priority is to offer a comprehensive online GED prep course. While we strive to provide helpful information, accuracy is essential, and we advise checking with official sources to confirm the details provided here.