Maine GED Requirements

Adults who did not finish their high school education can earn a high school equivalency credential in Maine by completing the HiSET exam.

The HiSET® exam includes five separate subtests that can be taken on a computer or on paper, and one at a time if you wish.

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Maine HiSET testing requirements

  • To qualify for the HiSET exam, applicants cannot already hold a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent diploma).
  • Applicants cannot be registered for another educational program.
  • Applicants cannot be younger than 17 years old.
  • In Maine, HiSET testing is free for state residents.
  • Proof of Maine residency is required for taking the HiSET exam for free.
  • All HiSET test-takers applicants must pass the HiSET Official Practice Test available at all Maine HiSET test centers.
  • The Maine HiSET test is open to nonresidents as well but not for free (see below).

Maine HiSET online

HiSET test-takers can sit for the five-test exam at one of Maine’s state=designated testing sites or take the exam in an online proctored format, the so-called HiSET-At-Home exam.

For both options counts, that state residents can take the exam at no cost. Non-residents can take the five HiSET exams as well in Maine, but not for free (read more below).

Maine HiSET price

As said earlier, the HiSET exam comes at no cost for Maine residents. Out-of-state test-takers may also qualify for the Maine HiSET exam but then, the cost will be $45 for each of the five HiSET subtests.

Like Maine residents, non-residents will receive two free HiSET retests per subject but a test center fee ($15) will apply at all times. Retests are free for Maine residents.

HiSET scoring

The HiSET tests are scored on a scale that goes up to 20. To pass each of the five HiSET subtests, you must attain no less than an 8 score. Your HiSET essay must have a score of at least 2, and overall, your score cannot be less than 45 points and that excludes your essay result.

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When you have finished your HiSET exam, your unofficial multiple-choice sections results are available right after testing while in general, the official multiple-choice scores are posted in 3 to 5 days on your HiSET account. Your scores on the writing section will be available in 6 to 10 working days on your account as well.

What’s on the HiSET exam?

The HiSET (short for High School Equivalency Test) has five subtests in the subject fields of Social Studies, Math, Literacy Writing, Literacy Reading, and Science.

When you come to one of Maine’s official testing centers to sit for the exam, please don’t forget to bring proper government-issued identification as outdated or expired IDs will not be accepted. This also counts when you take the online HiSET exam.

How do I prepare for the HiSET?

The HiSET, like the GED, is a challenging exam that requires some decent preparation, either in a classroom setting or via a good and well-structured online program such as the online prep course developed by ONSEGO. This prep course will get you all geared up for the HiSET exam fast and efficiently.

The contents of the HiSET and GED exams are pretty similar so you can very well use this online GED prep course to get ready for the five HiSET tests. Your local book store and community library will also have lots of prep materials available to help you get ready for the HiSET exam.

Whichever way you prefer, learning from books, at a local prep site, or online, just make sure to become properly prepared!

It’s about YOUR future

Persons that have a Maine high school equivalency diploma will surely land a better job and workers that hold a secondary education credential (high school or equivalent degree) generally earn some $10.000 more on an annual basis than those who don’t and the diploma also allows for a college education.

The diploma that you will be awarded upon completing the Maine HiSET test is all over America recognized in the same way as a common high school diploma by employers and educational institutions. So what could hold you back? Get your HiSET diploma and start working toward a brighter future right away!