Maryland GED Requirements

For adults who never finished high school, the state of Maryland offers the GED® high school equivalency program. The GED (General Education Development) exam includes four individual subtests, or modules, that can be taken separately.

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Maryland High School Equivalency Testing Requirements

A GED test-taker must be

  • 17 years of age or older (test-takers under the age of 19 need to complete an official Withdrawal Form)
  • not the holder of a high school or equivalent diploma
  • a resident of the state of Maryland and not signed up for another school program

So the Maryland GED exam is only open to state residents because the state subsidizes the exam. The Maryland GED exam costs $45 in total or $11,25 per individual module. The GED exam allows you, as said above, to prepare and pay for one subtest at a time.

The GED is modular meaning you can take one subtest (module) at a time within a 2-year period. The tests are scored on a 100-200 scale and the passing score is 145. 145-164: high school equivalency; 165-174: college-ready; 175-200: college-ready + credits.

To register for the exam, you need to create your account on the website Here, also test scheduling and payments are done.

The most recent edition of the GED is totally computer-formatted and paper-and-pencil testing is not an option anymore and this makes sense because these days, just about any available position calls for basic computer and keyboarding skills.

The four GED tests cover the academic subjects of Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Across North America, the GED diploma is accepted in the same way as a common high school diploma, and holders of the degree will certainly be eligible for better-paying jobs and can continue their education in college or university. GED grads generally make at least $10.000 more per year than those who don’t hold a secondary education degree.

Please note that now, online GED testing is also possible (for qualifying candidates) so there’s no need anymore to a state-designated Maryland GED testing site and sit for the tests in person. The GED is equivalent to a standard high school diploma and is accepted as such by employers and educational institutions.

Maryland does not require that you pass the GED Ready® practice test first but keep in mind that the computerized GED exam is challenging. You really should become well prepared by attending a prep course in your area or by following a good online GED prep course. If you require some accommodation, please apply in a timely manner for that on the website GED. com or see if a testing site near you can help.

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