Louisiana GED Requirements

To get hold of your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma in Louisiana, you need to pass the five subtests of the HiSET® exam. Louisiana stopped using the GED® for this purpose in January 2014.

The GED is offered exclusively on a computer while the HiSET alternative is offered both on a computer and in a paper-based version.

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The HiSET exam (short for High School Equivalency Test) contains five subtests that cover the academic subject areas of Science, Math, Social Studies, Literacy Writing, and Literacy Reading. HiSET and GED contents are quite comparable so you may very well use a good online GED course to get set for the HiSET exam.

Individuals that hold the Louisiana HSE diploma are sure to land a better-paying job and the credential also qualifies for a college education. Workers with a secondary education degree are expected to earn at least $10.000 more on a yearly basis than workers without.

Like the GED, the HiSET can be taken online as well (for qualifying students) or personally to one of Louisiana’s HSE test centers. People with an HSE diploma also qualify to continue their academic education at college or university and the credential is across North America regarded as the equivalency of a regular HS diploma by educational institutions, employers, and government agencies.

Louisiana High School Equivalency Testing Requirements

  • You must not already have a secondary education credential
  • You must not be engaged in another education program
  • You must be at least 16 years old to be able to take the HiSET exam. Test takers 16 to 18 years old need to be withdrawn from Louisiana’s K–12 system, provide an approved age waiver and have parental consent. They additionally need authorization by a WorkReady U literacy program and have a passing score on the half-length HSE Practice Test

The Louisiana HiSET test is also open to non-residents. Louisiana requires 16 to 18-year-olds to attend HiSET instruction and hold authorization.

Applicants 19 years of age do not need to take and pass the HiSET practice test to qualify for testing, but those in the age group 16 through 18 must qualify to be able to take the HiSET. They need to take the 1/2-length official HiSET Practice Test and attain a score of no less than 8 on each of the five subtests, with a minimum score of at least 45.

The qualifying scores on the 1/2-length HiSET Practice Test will be certified by state-licensed WorkReady U instruction sites, and any state-authorized WorkReady U literacy center can recommend a student to sit for the HiSET exam.

The Louisiana HiSET testing fee is $95 for all 5 tests when taken in a paper-based format or $83.75 for the full battery when taken in a computer-based format. Keep in mind that an additional $10 state fee is also due upon registration.

To pass the HiSET exam you need to attain at least a score of 8 on each of the five subtests, have a score of no less than 2 on your essay portion (HiSET writing), and attain a score of no less than 45 for the entire exam.

Upon completing the HiSET exam, your multiple-choice (unofficial) scores will be available immediately, and generally, your official scores will be posted on your HiSET account within 3 to 5 days for the multiple-choice sections and within 6 to 10 days for the section Language Arts Writing.

When coming to sit for the HiSET exam, all HiSET test takers must present proper identification either issued by the state or the federal government. Expired or outdated IDs are not accepted.

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