Louisiana HiSET Online [Instead Of GED Online]

In Louisiana, students can take the HiSET test online. The GED exam is not offered in Louisiana until late 2023. To qualify for online HiSET testing, applicants must first attain sufficient results on the HiSET OPT (Official Practice Test).

By the end of 2023, Louisiana will introduce the GED test again, first at a limited number of testing sites and the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

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Registration for the HiSET exam must be done online via the website hiset.org.

First, make sure, however, that you’ll get optimally prepared, as the HiSET® exam is quite a challenging assessment. Our accredited online GED classes are perfect for getting you there fast!

Louisiana HiSET Online Price

The Louisiana HiSET online testing fee is $28.25 per subject, so $141.25 for the 5 subject tests. Additionally, there is a $10 fee when you register for your first subtest.

If you take the HiSET tests in a testing center, you pay $16.75 per subject, so $83.75 in total. You also need to pay a $10 fee during registration.

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Louisiana HiSET Online Classes

Onsego provides students with complete HiSET online classes. Take on the challenge of studying for your HiSET and watch our engaging lessons anytime, and anywhere.

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HiSET Scoring

To pass the HiSET exam, you need to attain at least a score of 8 on each of the five subtests, have a score of no less than 2 on your essay portion (HiSET writing), and attain a score of no less than 45 for the entire exam, and that does not include your essay score.

Upon completing the HiSET exam, your multiple-choice (unofficial) scores will be available immediately, and generally, your official scores will be posted on your HiSET account within 3 to 5 days for the multiple-choice sections and within 6 to 10 days for the section Language Arts Writing.

When coming to sit for the HiSET exam, all HiSET test takers must present proper identification either issued by the state or the federal government. Expired or outdated IDs are not accepted. This also applies to online HiSET testing. See also this page about the HiSET eligibility requirements in Louisiana.

What’s On The HiSET Exam?

The HiSET exam (short for High School Equivalency Test) contains five subtests that cover the academic subject areas of Science, Math, Social Studies, Literacy Writing, and Literacy Reading. You have the choice to prepare for and take the five sub-exams one or more at a time.

How Do I Prepare For The HiSET Exam?

The passing standard for the HiSET exam is set at such a level that around forty percent of all high school graduates would not be able to pass the exam on their first try. So getting perfectly prepared is the key to success on the exam.

You may want to attend a physical HiSET prep class in your community, and your local bookstore and the library will also have plenty of prep material available.

These days, there are also some great and well-structured online prep courses available over the Internet, for example, the online GED classes from Onsego that will help you get all set for success fast. HiSET and GED contents are quite comparable, so you may very well use a good online GED course to get set for the HiSET exam.

It’s About YOUR Future

Individuals that hold a Louisiana High School Equivalency Diploma are sure to land a better-paying job, and the credential also qualifies for a college education. Workers with a secondary education degree are expected to earn at least $9.600 more on a yearly basis than workers without a high school or equivalent degree.

People with the HiSET diploma also qualify to continue their academic education at college or university, and the credential is across North America regarded as the equivalency of a regular high school diploma by educational institutions, employers, and government agencies. So there’s nothing that should hold you back from working toward a better future, right? Pass the HiSET exam and get the life you and your loved ones deserve!