Kentucky GED Online

In Kentucky, you have the option to take the GED exam online. To qualify for taking the GED exam online, you’ll first have to reach scores in the “green zone” (likely to pass) on the official GED Ready practice test.

For each of the four GED subtests, there’s a GED Ready® test, so there are four overall.


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Registration for the GED Ready practice test or the GED® exam must be done on the website

Kentucky GED Online Price

Online GED testing costs $36 per subject test in Kentucky, and additionally, you need to pay $6.99 for each GED Ready practice test. As said, passing the GED Ready test is a prerequisite to taking the GED test online.

So, the online GED exam will set you back $144 for testing fees plus $28 for the GED Ready practice tests.

However, if you take Onsego’s Advantage Plans, you will receive the four GED Ready tests for free!


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If you take the Kentucky GED exam in a testing center, you pay $36 per subject test, so $144 in total as well.

Kentucky GED Online Classes

Onsego provides a GED preparatory course with complete GED online classes and practice tests. Onsego’s online GED classes and practice tests help you take on the GED challenge and succeed.

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GED Scoring

You don’t need to take the entire GED battery in one session, as the GED exam is modular. The GED is scored on a 100-200 scale, and the passing score is 145 out of a possible 200 on each module, and averaging is no option. High school equivalency score: 145-164; college-ready score: 165-174; college-ready plus college credit score: 175-200.

Paper-based GED testing is not possible (except for students with an accommodation that requires paper-based testing). This actually makes sense because nowadays, for any job out there, at least some basic command of keyboarding and computer skills is required. If you qualify for accommodation, please apply timely at timely or contact a GED testing site near you for assistance.

What’s On The GED Test?

The GED test comes with four separate subtests that cover the subject areas of Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math. As said earlier, before you can register for the GED exam in Kentucky, you need to attain passing scores on the GED Ready practice test.

The GED Ready test is available for free through Kentucky’s Skills U Program. This, however, does not apply to online testing. You should also read our post about Kentucky GED qualification requirements.

How Do I Prepare For The GED Test?

Though Kentucky requires that before you can register for GED testing, you must take and pass the GED Ready practice test, so there is no obligation to attend a prep class. You would, however, be wise to do so because the GED is a challenging exam, and you must have a test-readiness certificate.

To get all set for the GED exam, you have the option to attend a physical class in your area, and your community library will also have lots of prep material.

A much more efficient way to get all set, however, is by taking a well-designed online prep course like the online GED classes by Onsego. This premium accredited GED prep course will get you ready for success fast at a modest fee.

Test Readiness Certification

In Kentucky, all applicants must complete adult education preparation classes, obtain the Test Readiness Certification, and successfully take the official GED Ready Test (practice test) before they are allowed to sit for the examination. All these prerequisites can be completed at the state’s Adult Education (KY Skills U) sites or through the KET GED Connection program.

How Do I Register For The GED Test?

To take the GED tests, you must go to the website and set up your account with the portal MyGED. This is the location for registration, test scheduling, and making payments.

There’s also a lot of information about everything related to GED testing, the employment market, colleges and universities, and their academic offerings.

Notice: Onsego, one of America’s leading designers of top-notch online GED programs, strives to present up-to-date information. However, confirming the above-given information with official GED sources is essential for accuracy.