Ohio GED Online

In Ohio, adults looking to earn their GED diploma can take the exam also online. To qualify for the online exam, however, they are required to first reach “green” scores (in the likely to pass section) on the GED Ready test, the official practice test from GED Testing Service.

The GED® exam contains four independent sub-exams, and there’s a GED Ready® test for each of these four GED subject tests. The students must purchase the four GED Ready tests on the GED.com website for $6.99 each.


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To register for the GED Ready tests or the actual GED exam, the students must go online and set up an account at GED.com.

Ohio GED Online Price

The Ohio online GED exam costs $36 per subject test, so $144 in total. But, as you need to buy four GED Ready tests as well at $6.99 each, you should add that to your cost, totaling $172.

When you sign up for an Onsego Advantage Plan, however, four free GED Ready vouchers are included!

If you decide to write the GED exam at one of Ohio’s test centers, the testing fee will be $36 per subject as well, so $144 in total. Check out also this page about GED qualification requirements in Ohio.

Online GED Classes

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Ohio GED Online Classes

Onsego has designed a great and complete online GED preparatory program, and the GED Testing Service qualifies as 100 percent in line with the current computer-based GED test.

The Onsego GED program is a complete course that addresses each GED topic in short, bite-sized video lessons. Onsego’s comprehensive course comes with numerous online GED classes, multiple practice tests, many sample questions, and lots of quizzes. It is a perfect fit for students of all ages, all levels of prior education, and all levels of preparation.

We have made learning for the GED exam a lot easier by providing short, bite-sized video lessons that are engaging, informative, and quite easy to follow. Every GED topic is clearly and understandably explained, which makes even complex GED subjects easy to understand.

So be sure not to miss out on this great opportunity to earn your GED fast and efficiently. Sign up for Onsego’s online GED classes right away.

GED Scoring

The four GED tests are scored on a 100-200 scale:

  • Below Passing Score: 100-144
  • High School Equivalency Score: 145-164
  • College-Ready Score: 165-174
  • College-Ready plus Credit Score: 175-200

How Do I Prepare For The GED Test?

In Ohio, there is no requirement first to take a prep course, but it is strongly advised to get optimally prepared by attending a prep class or signing up for a good online course. The GED tests are really challenging exams, so proper preparation is crucial!

All across Ohio, there are numerous facilities that offer prep classes where you have the chance to become perfectly prepared to take the four GED subtests successfully.

Today, you can also find some well-structured online GED prep courses, such as the Onsego online GED classes, that you can use to get all set from the comfort of your house or from wherever there is an Internet connection.

What’s On The GED Test?

The GED (General Education Development) exam includes four individual subtests or modules. The GED subtests are administered entirely on a computer. The four GED modules cover the academic fields of Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning (Math), Science, and Reasoning through Language Arts (English Literacy).

The GED exam is totally computer-based, which, in a way, is pretty logical as all contemporary job openings will require at least basic computer and keyboarding skills. You just can’t do without it anymore!

Disclaimer: Onsego is among America’s leading online GED prep course providers. We aim to equip you with accurate and useful information, but please check the information on this page against official GED test sources to make sure all is correct and accurate.