Ohio GED Requirements

In Ohio, students will receive their GED diploma if they pass the four subject tests of the GED exam. The GED exam can be taken online or in one of Ohio’s state-approved testing centers.

To register for the GED® exam or the GED Ready® tests, the students will have to set up an account at the MyGED portal on the website GED.com.

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Ohio GED Requirements

  • You don’t already hold a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent diploma).
  • You are not engaged in any other school program.
  • You must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Students 16 & 17 years old need to meet additional requirements. They must, for example, have parental consent and permission from their school boards.
  • There is no state residency requirement in Ohio.
  • You don’t have to register for a GED prep course first or reach satisfactory scores on the GED Ready test, except when you sit for the GED exam online.

Ohio GED Price

In Ohio, if you take the GED test at a testing center, the testing fee is $30 per subject test, so $120 in total.

First-time test-takers in Ohio pay $40 for the full exam as the state subsidizes the rest.

Taking the Ohio GED test online costs $36 per subtest or $144 in total. Bear also in mind that you’ll need to buy four GED Ready tests at $6.99 each, so you may add that to your cost, totaling $172.

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FAQ About GED In Ohio

How to get a GED in Ohio?

To earn your GED certificate in Ohio, you must pass the four independent subtests that form the GED exam. The GED subtests measure your proficiency in the academic subject areas of English Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Social Studies, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), and Science. More details on the online Ohio GED exam can be found in this post.

What are the Ohio GED testing requirements?

The GED offers adults that never completed their high school education the chance to earn an equivalent degree. In Ohio, test-takers must be state residents, but there’s no requirement first to pass a qualification practice test unless they take the GED test online. The minimum age in Ohio is 16 years old. 16 or 17-year-old applicants may, however, need to meet additional strict requirements.

What is the GED cost in Ohio?

In Ohio, the GED exam costs $120 (or $30 per subtest) when you sit for the exam at a brick-and-mortar test facility. please note that in Ohio, first-time test-takers will pay only $40 for the full GED battery. The state subsidizes the rest.

When taken online, the GED exam costs $144 for the full assessment or $36 per individual subtest. You should, however, add the $28 that taking four GED Ready tests costs as well, they are $6.99 each) which totals $172. Onsego’s My Advantage students receive four GED Ready tests for free.

For more information:
Ohio Department of Education
High School Equivalency Office
25 S Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215-4183
Phone: 614-728-0795
Email: contact.center@education.ohio.gov