Alabama GED Online

In Alabama, it’s possible to take the GED test online. Registration must be done through the website

The online testing option is only available to students who get at least 145 points on the GED Ready® official practice test.

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So, if you want to take the GED® test at home, you must prove that you have the knowledge needed to pass the actual test. But don’t worry; with our online GED classes, you can get ready in a few short weeks.

For each of the four GED sub-exams, there is a GED Ready test, so four in total.

You can purchase these tests on the official GED Testing Service website,, at $6.99 each, but if you choose Onsego My Advantage plan, you receive 4 GED Ready vouchers for free.

Alabama GED Online Test Price

If you sit for the Alabama GED exam at a test center, the GED sub-exams cost $36 per subject, so $144 for the full battery.

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The Alabama online GED test also costs $36 per subject test, so $144 for the complete exam. However, you should also count the additional $28 for the four GED Ready tests. So in total, taking the GED test online in Alabama is $172.

If you register for Onsego’s My Advantage Plan, you will receive four free GED Ready vouchers, so then it’ll be $144.

You can take and pay for one of the four GED sub-exams at a time if you want and in any order you prefer. When you write the GED test at a test center, you’ll receive 2 retests at a reduced rate. This does NOT apply to online testing!

Alabama GED Online Classes

Preparing for a GED can be a challenge with your busy schedule. Onsego offers comprehensive online GED instruction that helps you squeeze in a prep course and achieve your goals.

No more waiting around for hours-long classes. Watch bite-sized, engaging lessons that cover the right content and teach you the strategies you need to find the answer—no matter what. We’ll go over the material until you understand it.

GED Scoring

The four GED modules (or sub-exams) are scored on a 100-200 scale:

  • 100 to 144 = Below Passing Score
  • 145 to 164 = High School Equivalency Score
  • 165 to 174 = College Ready Score
  • 175 to 200 = College Ready + College Credit Score

What’s On The GED Test?

The GED test is administered entirely on a computer, and to earn your GED diploma, you are required to pass four subtests in the fields of Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Science, Literacy (RLA-Reasoning through Language Arts), and Social Studies. There’s no need to take the tests at the same time. The GED is built up of four independent modules (or subtests).

How To Register For The GED Test

To register for the GED test or the GED Ready practice tests, go to the website where you’ll be asked to create your personal account on the portal MyGED.

This is where you can schedule and pay for your tests, and there’s also interesting information about everything connected to GED test-taking, colleges and their academic programs, and trends and development in the employment market.

If you require accommodations, be sure to make a request well in advance on You can also ask for help from your regional GED test center. They’ll be glad to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the GED online in Alabama?

You can take the GED test online in Alabama if you pass GED Ready tests, then you can schedule your GED test through There’s a GED Ready test for each of the four GED sub-exams. You must buy these official practice tests online at, and they cost $6.99 apiece.

Onsego’s My Advantage students get four GED Ready tests at no cost, a $28 value!

What are free GED classes online in Alabama?

Onsego offers free online GED classes and practice tests to let you discover if the course fits your preferred learning method; you just need to register to get started with learning.