Connecticut GED Requirements

In Connecticut, to earn a GED diploma, you need to pass the four GED subject tests at one of Connecticut’s GED test centers or take the exam in an online format.

Registration for the GED® exam and the GED Ready® tests must be done online on the website


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Getting optimally prepared for the four GED sub-exams is critical. The GED is a challenging assessment, and usually, students require a few months to be successful on the GED test.

Connecticut GED Testing Requirements

  • Test-takers cannot already hold a high school or equivalent credential.
  • Test-takers cannot be registered for another educational program.
  • They cannot be younger than 17 years of age.
  • Test-takers under the age of 19 must meet additional criteria. They require, for instance, special permission from their school districts and from a parent or guardian.
  • State residency is required.
  • Test-takers are not required to attend a prep course, but they must first attain satisfactory results on the GED Ready practice test.
  • In Connecticut, before you are allowed to retake a failed GED subject test, you need to have taken all subtests. A 60-day wait period applies before retakes. Retakes can be done no more than three times in one calendar year per subject test.

Connecticut GED Price

Connecticut subsidizes the GED test, so only state residents qualify. Applicants under the age of 21 and veterans can take the four tests at no charge, and all others pay only a $13.00 registration fee. This price applies to both on-site and online GED testing.

However, students who want to take the GED test online need to pass the GED Ready® test first to qualify for online testing. There are four GED Ready practice tests, one for each subtest, that can be bought on the website for $6.99 each.

Onsego Advantage students get four GED Ready vouchers for free.


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There is no requirement in Connecticut to take a GED prep course prior to testing, but getting optimally prepared is the key to success. You may also want to see our page on online GED testing in Connecticut.

Connecticut GED Online Classes

Preparing for a GED can be a challenge with your busy schedule. Onsego offers comprehensive online GED classes that help you squeeze in a prep course and achieve your goals.

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Online GED Testing

The four GED modules can be taken online or at one of Connecticut’s official GED test centers. To be eligible for online GED testing, students are required to score in the “green” zone on the official GED Ready test.

There’s a GED Ready test for each of the four sub-exams. An online proctor will monitor the process. Read more here: introducing online GED testing. The minimum age for online GED testing in Connecticut is 18 years old.

How To Begin With GED Prep In Connecticut

One of the best ways to begin your GED prep is to take some practice tests and learn which subject areas need your attention most. Onsego offers free GED online classes and practice tests that resemble the real GED exam.

If you discover what your knowledge gaps are, it will be easier to eliminate your weak points. Online studying is a great option for many students, but for students who prefer to learn under the guidance of an instructor, signing up for a traditional class may be the solution.

FAQ About GED In Connecticut

How to get a GED in Connecticut?

To get your GED in Connecticut, you need to take and pass the four tests of the computer-based GED high school equivalency exam. The four GED subtests are independent exams (modules) that cover the subject areas of Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

What are the Connecticut GED testing requirements?

The GED exam is for people who didn’t finish high school. In Connecticut, test-takers must be at least 17 years of age, but for applicants 17 and 18 years of age, additional requirements apply. State residency is required.

What is the GED cost in Connecticut?

The GED cost in Connecticut is $0 for the entire GED battery, but there is a $13 registration fee. Applicants younger than 21 and veterans pay nothing at all. This price also counts for online testing.

When taking the GED exam online, however, attaining passing scores on the GED Ready practice test is a prerequisite. There are four GED exams and four GED Ready tests that cost $6.99 each that must be purchased on the website. Onsego’s Advantage students get four GED Ready tests for free.

You can register and pay for one of the four GED subtests at a time. Registration and scheduling of the four GED tests and the GED Ready practice tests must be done on the website

Important: Onsego prides itself on offering outstanding GED preparation online. While the information in this post serves as a helpful resource, we urge you to validate its accuracy with official sources.