Connecticut GED Requirements

People who are wishing to get hold of a high school equivalency certificate in Connecticut must pass the GED® Test which includes four individual subtests, or modules.

Upon successful completion of the four tests, you will receive the Connecticut HSE diploma.

This document is across North America recognized and accepted in the same way as a standard high school diploma by just about all employers, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.

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Connecticut GED Testing Requirements

  • You do not already hold a high school or equivalent diploma
  • You are not partaking in any other educational program
  • You are no younger than 17. Test takers under the age of 19 require special permission from their school districts and from a parent or guardian

Connecticut subsidizes the GED test, so only state residents qualify. Applicants under the age of 21 and veterans can take the four tests at no charge and all others pay only $13,00 for the entire battery. There is no requirement to first register for a GED prep course but taking some decent preparation class is very important.

The GED test results are scored on a scale that goes from 100 to 200. The following scores apply: 100-144 is the GED below a passing score; if you score in the 145-164 range you attain the GED high school equivalency score; the 165-174 range indicates you are college-ready, and a score from 175 to 200 will get you the college-ready score and up to 20 credits as well.

There are many GED prep sites that provide (often free) classes where you can get all set for the GED tests and there also a few very good online GED prep courses. Whichever way you prefer your preparation, be sure to get optimally prepared because the computer-based GED exam has become pretty challenging.

You don’t need to sit for all four GED subtests at the same time, the GED exam is modular. The four GED subtests are fully computer-based and the four testing areas are Social Studies, Math, Science, and Literacy (writing and reading combined).

To take the GED tests, you can show up in person at one of Connecticut’s official GED testing centers or take the exam online (for qualifying students). Please note that if you require an accommodation for any reason, you need to do so timely at the official GED website or ask a testing site near you for help. At you are asked to create your personal account at the portal MyGED where you can also pay for and schedule your tests.

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