Montana HiSET [Instead Of GED] Requirements

In Montana, you need to take the 5 HiSET subject tests to get your HiSET diploma. These tests can be taken online or in a testing center.  The GED test is not available in Montana.

Students need to register at to schedule their tests.

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To be successful on the 5-subtest HiSET exam, preparation is crucial. HiSET testing includes five challenging sub-exams, and, on average, students require a 2 to 3-month period to become sufficiently prepared and pass the five subtests.

Montana HiSET Test Requirements

  • The high school equivalency exam is only for adults who don’t have a secondary education credential (high school or equivalent diploma).
  • Test-takers cannot already be signed up for some other educational program.
  • The minimum age for test-takers is 16 in Montana.
  • 16, 17, and 18-year-olds, however, must meet additional requirements. They must, for instance, be officially withdrawn from high school and have parental consent.
  • Montana’s high school equivalency exam is for state residents only, as the state subsidizes the HiSET exam.

Montana HiSET  Price

Taking the HiSET test in a testing center costs $10.75 per subject, so $53.75 for all 5 tests; however, some testing centers can charge an additional $5.00 per subject.

The Montana HiSET online testing fee is $28.25 per subject, so $141.25 for 5 subjects.

Montana HiSET Online Classes

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Montana HiSET online

The Montana HiSET test comes with five independent sub-exams (modules) that are available in paper-based and computer-based formats.

The exam can be taken at state-designated test centers or in an online proctored format, the “HiSET-At-Home” exam. To qualify for online testing, applicants must first reach passing scores on the HiSET Official Practice Test.

FAQ About HiSET In Montana

How to get a HiSET diploma in Montana?

In Montana, students looking to earn their HSE (high school equivalency) diplomas must pass the five separate tests of the HiSET exam. The five HiSET subtests address Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Reading, Language Writing, and Science. Check here for more information on the online Montana HiSET exam.

What are the Montana HiSET testing requirements?

To qualify for the Montana HiSET exam, you can’t hold a high school diploma. The minimum age to qualify for the HiSET exam in Montana is 16. Students 16, 17, or 18 years old may only qualify, however, if they meet additional criteria. State residency is required, but there’s no need to first take and pass a HiSET practice test (except when taking the exam online).

What is the HiSET cost in Montana?

The Montana HiSET exam costs $78.75 (computer-based) or $100 (paper-based). These prices are for the entire exam, but you have the option to take and pay for the five subtests one at a time. The online HiSET exam also costs $78.75, but please be aware that extra online testing fees apply.

For more information:
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Department of Adult Basic and Literacy Education
1300 11th Avenue, Helena, MT 59601
P.O. Box 202501, Helena, MT 59620-2501
Phone: 406.444.1691/4151